ASUS GR8 Gaming Desktop - Changing the way we think about gaming rigs


What comes into your mind when we talk about a Gaming Rig? Does an image of a huge bulky and flashy machine comes into your mind? The ASUS GR8 gaming desktop is going to change the way of how we think about a Gaming Machine. Unlike any gaming desktops that are available in the market, the ASUS GR8 is customized to take up much less space, yet remaining to have great gaming performance and capabilities. It 's perfect for gamers who wants versatility, as this desktop is in fact extremely portable. It can be used in many ways, for example, as a usual gaming desktop PC, or a HTPC, or even a LAN machine that can be brought to LAN parties. Of course, the usage of the GR8 are not limited to these examples.


The ASUS GR8 has got prossibly what every gamers wants. It is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor coupled with a decent graphics card from Nvidia. Moreover, gaming experience is made better by a specially designed and engineered SupremeFX audio chip onboard and a super fast Intel Gigabit Ethernet chip. Even though the CPU used is one that belongs to a laptop class, we know that what really matters when it comes to gaming is the graphics card. Even so, the low power Intel Core i7 CPU also does not compromise to much computing performance as it is still a Core i7 processor anyway. To demystify the use of a low voltage Core i7 processor, we will put the system to test with my own gaming desktop.

Intel Core i7 4510U Processor
Intel HD Graphics 4400
Built-in Miracast Receiver

Intel Ethernet Gigabit LAN
ROG SupremeFX Audio
High Definition 5.1 Channel Audio
Front I/O Ports
1 x Headphone
1 x Microphone
2 x USB 2.0
Rear I/O Ports
4 x USB 3.0
1x RJ45
1 x Kensington Lock
1 x DC-in
1 x Optical S/PDIF out
1 x Display Port
3 x Audio Jacks
Power Supply
120W Power adaptor


My Gaming Machine
CPU: Intel Core i7 4770K @ default settings
GPU: ASUS AMD Radeon HD 7790
RAM: 8GB Avexir 1600MHz DDR3
PSU: CM Gold 1000w
Storage : Intel 330 120GB

Putting my own "gaming" desktop that comprises of a Intel Core i7 4770K CPU and a AMD Radeom HD 7790 Graphics card to 3DMark11 test, we realise that the "GTX750Ti" graphics card within GR8 is just a bit slower. However, we can see that we are getting the most out from a gaming laptop's hardware for the GR8. Despite poorer CPU scores, the system ran the whole benchmark well.

Personal Gaming System


Looking further into the specifications of the GR8, we realised that the so called " GTX 750Ti" is in fact derived from the latest GTX 860M GPU, just clocked at a different speed for better performance. 

Made to enhance your gaming experience

Intel Ethernet and GameFirst III Technology

ASUS utilization of Intel Ethernet and their in-house created GameFirst III technology results in a perfect marriage between hardware and software for the optimal gaming network performance. It has been tested that Intel Ethernet processors are the best in its class, providing more throughput and less CPU usage as compared to competitors. With Intel GameFirst III technology, game packets can be prioritized, dedicated more bandwidth to the game. The software allows the user to choose between 4 presets automatically, namely :
  1. Optimized Mode
  2. Game Mode
  3. Media Streaming Mode
  4. File Sharing Mode

SupremeFX Audio Technology

SupremeFX Audio technology on board the GR8 have a few hardware features that enable the best audio output directly from the audio chip. With the use of premium audio components, i.e. Japanese made ELNA audio capacitors, game audio effects are empowered to be best reproduced through the connected speakers/headphones. Additionally, the audio PCB isolates its digital and analog components and signals to minimize EMI for the perfect sound reproduction. Sonic SenseAmp technology also detects headphone impedance, and adjusts its built in amplifier automatically, giving users a fuss free headphone setup. ASUS Sonic Studio software works changes the audio profile by manipulating the onboard audio processor. This means that audio processing and profiles selection is not done via the CPU, but directly to the audio controller. This frees up CPU resources for more important processes.

Not to forget the innovative and well known ASUS ROG Sonic Radar II software, which is exclusive only to ROG branded hardware. This technology will allow gamers to have an additional edge in FPS games, where a visual simulation of directional sound is presented to the gamers. This way, gamers will know where their opponents are coming from just by looking at the added on display. Be ready to frag.


The ASUS GR8 is a versatile gaming machine that will fit into the homes of many thanks to its small size and cleverly designed chassis. It's performance is also commendable, being able to handle most games out in the market without much struggle. However, even though it is compatible with 4k displays, we thought that the Nvidia GTX750Ti graphics card cannot handle that load at 4k gaming resolutions. This machine is more suitable for games running at Full HD resolution. Priced at SGD$1599, we believe that this gaming machine will capture the attention of many who enjoys the benefits of a ROG system. Of course, a better system could be customized and built for the same amount of money, but no one will ever come out with a system that takes up so little space, yet still be able to perform so well. Nonetheless, the ASUS GR8 is here to stay.

You can purchase the ASUS GR8 gaming desktop here. The ASUS GR8 is also available at all authorized ASUS Retail Outlets

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