Keep your messages secure with Voiceprint

Keep your messages secure with Voice Print
Voiceprint, the new WeChat password, will protect the privacy of your messages

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2015 – WeChat launches Voiceprint, a voice recognition system that can be used to log into one’s WeChat account. Voiceprint will eliminate the need for users to remember lengthy passwords and is available on both Android and iOS.

Just like your finger print, your voice is unique and once you have enabled this feature, the smart systems can recognize your specific voice and intonations to verify your identity. Once the user has set up Voiceprint, all the user has to do is read a set of digits on screen to login to WeChat. This is a new an effortless way to secure your account, without having to remember lengthy passwords.

How to Set Up Voiceprint

Voiceprint can be found by going to Me > Settings > My Account > Voiceprint. You will be prompted to press and hold the green record button, and to read a set of unique numbers. Once you have read the numbers twice, your voiceprint will be activated and enabled. Voiceprint is also set up to recognize any language, so you can set up this feature no matter where you’re from.

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