World Password Day - Intel Security promoting better password habits among users

Thursday May 7, 2015 marks the 3rd Annual World Password Day. This year, Intel Security urges companies and consumers to spend a few minutes considering the importance of passwords in their lives, while resolving to change and improve them.

Last year, more than 600 organizations and 32 major brand partners supported World Password Day, promoting better password habits among users, and inspiring confidence in the products that power Intel's customers’ online lives. Using educational, entertaining, and engaging social content, Intel brought better password skills to people in 85 countries and 9 languages.
What’s the best way to craft a strong new password this year? Vice President, Consumer, APAC at Intel Security, David Freer, provides some tips below.
  1. Change your passwords regularly
  2. Enable multi-factor identification
  3. Use unique passwords for every account
  4. Don’t casually share your passwords
  5. Lock your device with a PIN or password
  6. Let a manager memorize your passwords
  7. Stop using passwords that are one word
  8. Make long and strong passwords
David Freer, Vice President, Consumer APAC, Intel Security says: “Passwords are a basic aspect of using online platforms, apps and mobile devices however, users often overlook setting secure passwords which helps to keep their information safe. It’s important that users put into practice some simple habits that will help to keep their personal information safe from cyber criminals.”
Every password user and creator have a story. In observance of World Password Day, Intel is encouraging people to share a password confession via a picture, video, tweet or status update using the hash tag #PasswordConfession. Anyone who participates has the chance to win a one-year FREE premium subscription to True Key by Intel Security.

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