Singapore, 2 June 2015; The Number One selling automobile brand of 2014 launches the next phase in innovation and interactive communications integration with the new InTouch Telematics system. With this launch, Toyota will lead the market in introducing high quality Telematics systems across such a wide range of vehicles; from the affordable Vios to the luxurious Alphard (See full list of models in Appendix A). Connectivity, information and a fun drive are core benefits of having the new InTouch in your car.

Toyota Singapore aims to exceed consumer expectations through dedication to innovation, commitment to quality and continuous improvement with the InTouch system. This sets a new benchmark in the kind of technological advancements made available to mainstream vehicle owners.

The InTouch Telematics system is a 7-inch MID (Multi Information Display) touch screen system enabling drivers to access a multitude of information and entertainment functions. The smart device comes with a host of intuitive features, even responding to air gestures and voice commands for a seamless integration of your driving experience.

“Toyota is constantly innovating its brand offerings with sleeker, more impressive vehicle models and more impressive technology. Every driver deserves the best experience we can offer”, said Klaus Redomske, Marketing Director for Borneo Motors Singapore.

Some of the key characteristics of the Telematics system are as follows (See Appendix B for a full list of features):
1)      Customization/Personalisation
InTouch works on an Android operating system, and much like the home screen of any Android-based gadget, InTouch allows the driver to fully customize his/her home screen. One can place frequently used Apps and widgets directly to the home screen panel, as well as customize the Main screen’s background with a photo wallpaper of your choice.

2)      Entertainment
If you’re a driver who needs to hear his/her favourite tunes while driving, or just needs some entertainment for your passengers, InTouch has that covered. With a multitude of audio and visual entertainment apps easily accessible  such as Internet Radio, Car Media Player, Mixtrax, Cloudmusic (Soundcloud), built-in DVD player and more.

3)      Navigation
InTouch makes it easier to discover new places; revisit your old haunts, and go places you have yet to explore. The system comes with 3D Mapping, Voice Guide, Real-time traffic information, Google Maps (through Miracast), and more. Need to find the nearest petrol station for that top-up? InTouch will detect your location using GPS, and guide you to a nearby petrol station of choice.

4)      Connectivity
InTouch comes with a whole suite of Connectivity apps that make sure you feel connected anytime, anywhere. Aside from a host of connection-savvy ports for your mobile devices (Android/iPhone, USB, HDMI, Bluetooth, WiFi), you could also use the InTouch system to navigate your own mobile device using apps such as Miracast and screen mirroring.

Take that connection a step further and plug in to the World Wide Web; use the built-in internet browser for on-the-go information at your fingertips, or get updates from your Instagram, Tweeter and Facebook accounts.

5)      Vehicle Information (The Smart Car)
Making a seamless connection between a driver and his/her car, InTouch truly evolves your ride into a smart car of the future. Feel free to communicate with your car using Air Gesture and Voice Commands (which recognise pre-programmed commands in both English and Mandarin).

A buddy drive system with Personality

The InTouch Telematics System is packed so full of features that it makes your ride that much more intelligent, like a buddy assisting you with all your drive needs. Toyota Singapore takes this concept a step further with a multi-platform marketing campaign that adds personality to the features of this device. Singapore will soon be introduced to Al (Personalisation), Avie (Entertainment), Di (Navigation), Connie (Connectivity), and Mack (The Smart Car).

The new InTouch Telematics System will be made available as a standard MID in several new models[1] rolling out from May 2015 onwards. Contact Toyota’s After Sales team at the Toyota Showroom (33 Leng Kee Road, Singapore 159102 or 17 Ubi Road 4, Singapore 408611) for more details. More details available at

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