AMD gives up on 20nm, moving onto 1xnm

As AMD reviewed their Q2 financial results for 2015 today, it seems like things aren't just working out very well. Their revenue has dropped 8% to 950 hundred million USD. This is a huge gap compared to their estimate of 3%. At the same time, non-GAAP grossed margin was only at 28%. Interestingly, AMD also revealed some changes in the plans in the near future on their processors.

Originally, AMD has looked upon GlobalFoundries and TSMC for their 32nm and 28nm chips respectively. After both companies prepared for their 20nm manufacturing process which AMD was reliant on, GlobalFoundries unexpectedly axed the whole plan on 20nm. Moreover, TSMC was focusing on producing Apple's A8 low power processors and had no bandwidth for high performance GPUs. For this period, AMD could only release a few new models of APUs, and the much anticipated SkyBridge has been cancelled.

As for now, AMD has already announced that they are changing all 20nm microchips into newer FinFET architecture, and they have spend $33 million USD for the design of the chips. That is probably because that previous chip designs have all been wasted. They will have to focus on creating a new FinFET architecture design for their new chips.

AMD has not divulge on whom they plan to manufacture their new chips, but we can know that it is either TSMC's 16nm or Global Foundries' 14nm. It seems that latter holds a high possibility, and that the next generation GPUs will also be included. Of course, putting into considerations of production capacity, yield, risks, and others, the manufacturing load, it could be shared between the two companies.

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