Windows 10 Retail Pack information released - The end of CD Media?

As of now, Germany based site has uncovered that Windows 10 will come in a less conventional USB drive in its retail pack. The report also states that the USB drive that contains final Windows 10 installation is available for both Home and Professional Edition, and they cost 144.23 USD and 238.01 USD respectively. We can see that the professional edition is indeed a bit more expensive than the home edition.

As of now, while we await the retail pricing of Windows 10 here in Singapore, many countries have already got to know the actual retail price of Windows 10. Nearer to our shores, information from leaked that Windows 10 will be released in Taiwan in retail USB version, as well as a download version. There will be no CD versions available as a installation media for Windows 10.

Additionally, we have to take note that regardless of the USB or download versions, both professional and home edition will cost the same. Windows 10 Professional will cost 6999NT (about 300SGD) and Home Edition will cost 4999NT (about 220SGD).

The retail price in Taiwan is comparably more expensive than in Germany.

We are still awaiting news of the pricing of Microsoft Windows 10 in Singapore, and update our readers once we have the news.

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