Apple spends 700 thousand USD to safeguard CEO Tim Cook's Safety

Apple has recently submitted their Schedule 14A report to US Security and Exchange Commission. Based on the report, Tim Cook's security and insurance costs the company a whopping 699,133 USD. However, we rarely see any of Tim Cook's bodyguard when he is around for public events. Of course, it could be possible that the bodyguards are disguised in the crowd. You may not have realised, but this amount is in fact one of the lowest as compared to the other multinational company's CEOs.

It is understandable that Apple, being the world's most profitable company, the security of their CEO is of utmost importance. According to a report from Fortune, Amazon spent 1.6 million USD just on their CEO Jeff Bezon's security and safety while on the other hand, Oracle spent 1.5 million on CEO Larry Ellison.

Do you think these extravagant spending on an individual's security and insurance across the board? Understanding that their net worth is so much more than the regular person across the street, this may be acceptable. What do you think?

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