Get a Wireless Boost with D-Link’s First AC1900 USB3.0 Adapter

Get a Wireless Boost with D-Link’s First AC1900 USB3.0 Adapter

Singapore, August 25, 2015 – D-Link, leader in home networking products, has launched the first ever AC1900 USB3.0 adapter. The D-Link DWA-192 Ultra Wireless AC1900 USB3.0 Adapter combines powerful wireless AC technology together with faster throughput in a sleek modernistic sphere measuring only 8x8cm, to deliver smoother and swifter speeds to your smart devices. Easily fitting right into your home décor, this nifty gadget makes home entertainment and online gaming much smoother and more enjoyable, and is the ideal smart companion to your existing home router.

Delivering Quicker Wireless AC Speeds and Wider Coverage with Advanced AC SmartBeam Technology 1
D-Link has introduced the market’s first Wireless AC1900 USB 3.0 adapter. Powered with an internal 3x3 antenna design and equipped with D-Link Advanced AC SmartBeam™, the adapter works with wireless AC Routers to boost the wireless coverage over the greater distance by focusing the wireless beam between the router and the adapter. This helps to increase the range and quality of the wireless connection, and eliminating more dead spots.

With the DWA-192 supporting dual-band technology, users can choose between the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands on the main wireless AC router. Those surfing the net or online shopping can tap into the 2.4GHz band, while those streaming high-definition entertainment or making voice over IP (VoIP) calls can connect to the 5GHz band. These bands have speeds of up to 600Mbps or 1300 Mbps respectively on the wireless adapter.

Simple Setup to Get Connected
To get started with the DWA-192, simply plug it into a powered USB port and install the driver to connect to a wireless network. It also comes with Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) button that allows for quick and easy pairing with the router. This latest encryption technology ensures that information transmitted via your network remains safe and secure, while preventing any unauthorised access. There is also the LED indicator to show the connection status of the DWA-192, which allows user to know whether they are connected to router with one glance.

Running on 802.11ac, the adapter is also backward compatible with all current wireless standards including 802.11g/b/n.

Price and Availability

The D-Link DWA-192 Wireless AC1900 USB 3.0 Adapter is available at all authorized retailers at $109.

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