LINE releases new Chrome App to reach out to desktop users

LINE users can now download the latest LINE application from Google Chrome Web Store and user the LINE messaging application directly from their desktop. The application can be downloaded here

LINE's huge variety of emoticons can also be downloaded on the new Chrome extension application. However, if the emoticons are animated, they can only be shown on the smartphone versions, but not on the Chrome extension version. Additionally, it has been noted that there could be certain privacy and security issues that will be posed with the new Chrome App. Normally, users will be logged out automatically if they were found to be logged into LINE from a different device or location. However, this is not the case for the new Chrome App. LINE users will be able to use both versions are the same time, which caused some concerns on privacy and security.

The Chrome App has a version number of 1.0.0. It is the very first initial release and many other updates will soon be released as they look at the possible flaws in the current version. This new application has allowed users on Chrome OS to also enjoy the instant messaging application. The new application also extends its market to a wider audience of Chrome and Desktop users.

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