NASA opens new Tumblr accounts

Apparently, NASA is not only good at space exploration and technology. Recently, they have opened Tumblr accounts, which have been very popular with the internet. The 4 new accounts are used for sharing different images and videos on their discoveries and amazing adventures.

One of the account which is named "Curiosity Mars Rover" is dedicated for the Curiosity's Mars mission. Another account named "Peggy Whitson", showcases the astronaut's mission which lasted 6 months on the international space station in 2002.

NASA said that they hope to educate people on the universe on a regular basis. A recently released image of the moon orbiting around the earth has caught the attention of many online. Such real images that were never seen before are definitely interesting. NASA has also been active in other social media networks, publishing the newest progress in space discovery to the public, and encouraging participation in discussions in the area.

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