[PSN Weekly Update: 25 August 2015] Win a bonus chapter in PlayStation®4 exclusive adventure survival horror game “Until Dawn™” with early purchase!

Survive Your Own Horror, Until Dawn – With Early Purchase Bonus and PS Plus member 10% off

PlayStation®4 exclusive adventure survival horror game “Until Dawn™” will be released on PS Store on 25 Aug.

Purchasing the game on or before 7 Sep will get you a “Bonus chapter” as early purchase bonus. PlayStation®Plus members who download the game on or before 7 Sep can also enjoy a 10% discount!

What is the game about?
When eight friends return to the isolated mountain lodge where two of their group disappeared exactly one year ago, things quickly turn sinister. Gripped by fear and with tension running high, you’ll have to make the difficult decisions that will mean life, or death, for each member of the group. See the impact of your choices and the path you’ve taken with the “Butterfly Effect” system. Play as each of the eight friends, all of who can live or die, based on your decisions – there are no do-overs.

Your choices determine who will survive!

PlatformProduct NameSGDMYRIDRTHB
PS4Until Dawn™62153531,0001530

Buy Add-on for a Toro’s Theme

Starting from 26 Aug to 22 Sep, if you have accumulated spending as per the table below, or more on add-ons*1 from PS Store, a PS4/PS3 or PSVita Toro’s Theme will be given to you for free*3! The theme will be sent through system messages in form of voucher code on or before 9 Oct and the code is valid until 30 Nov. Please visit Asia PS Blog for details!

*Games and member subscriptions such as PS Plus or PS Music are excluded from the total spending.

Accumulated spending on Add-ons for Toro's Theme41035,000100

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