Review of ASUS Lolliflash

Review of ASUS Lolliflash

People who take selfies always feel the pain of using their front camera. The lack of flash and quality of the front facing camera has always resulted in unwanted defects in a selfie photograph. As many people know, lighting plays an important role in capturing a decent photograph. That is why, ASUS has recently innovated and came out with the all new ASUS Lolliflash for the selfie and smartphone camera enthusiasts.

As cute as it may sound, ASUS Lolliflash is a product that will likely appeal to teenage selfie fanatic girls. Please bear with the unfriendly face of the test subject as a decent looking model was unavailable at the point of time when this review was written.

Power Button
Charging Port

ASUS Lolliflash is a nifty little round flash device that can be attached to your audio jack of your smartphone. It is not connected by any means to the smartphone, and is an individual module by itself. A little power button at the side of the Lolliflash switches the flash on. With multiple press of the button also allows the user to change the intensity of the flash light.

To add more fun to your Lolliflash experience, ASUS has also included 3 colour filters, namely white, blue and pink. Mix and match, and you can probably find the best style for your photo.

The ASUS Lolliflash is an innovative and new accessory that will be great for users who loves selfies. It also works for those who are into night video capturing and when flash light from the smartphone is unavailable.

ASUS Lolliflash retails at $17.90 Singapore dollars, and is available for purchase online at . Lastly, it is available in white, red, yellow and blue. A good idea as a gift for your girlfriend.

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