Sony Unveils Its New Products at IFA 2015 in the Realms of High-Resolution Audio and Mobile

Sony Unveils Its New Products at IFA 2015 in the Realms of
High-Resolution Audio and Mobile

(SINGAPORE, 2 September 2015) – At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, to begin on Friday, September 4, Sony Corporation (“Sony”) will unveil its new lineup of products that represent the very best of its creativity and technological ingenuity. Underpinning the development and design of these products is Sony’s philosophy of “inspiring and fulfilling your curiosity and moving you emotionally,” which will be on full display at IFA 2015.

In advance of IFA’s official opening, Sony held a press conference on September 2 (local time). There, Sony Corporation President and CEO Kazuo Hirai introduced Sony’s newest products in the realms of High-Resolution Audio (“Hi-Res”) and mobile. He also championed the new experiences that can be had with Sony’s other exceptional offerings, including its digital imaging products and TVs.

“I believe there is still great potential for innovation within consumer electronics. At Sony we’ll continue to make advances that make your life better and to provide you with wow experiences.”
--          Kazuo Hirai
President and CEO, Sony Corporation

A video of the press conference can be streamed at

Main Products Being Showcased

Hi-Res Audio Lineup

A new range of headphones called h.ear™ (pronounced “hear”) and new Walkman® models will spice up the user’s world with the incredible Hi-Res audio they deliver and their eye-catching colors. The headphones and Walkman® all feature simple, understatedly elegant designs and will be offered in select, vibrant color schemes to match. Together, they allow the user to enjoy superior Hi-Res sound while making a memorable fashion statement.

The h.ear series features both over-the-head style and in-ear style headphones. The “h.ear on” (over-the-head) models are accented with a sleek form factor and virtually unnoticeable seams between the headband and housing units, culminating in a much simpler design than conventional headphones, one which fits over the user’s ears beautifully. Meanwhile, the “h.ear in NC” models are the world’s first in-ear Hi-Res headphones equipped with digital noise canceling functionality, an advancement that means that the user can enjoy incredibly rich, unobstructed listening experiences on-the-go like never before. The new compact NW-A25HN Walkman® – itself loaded with Hi-Res digital noise canceling features – will be packaged together with its own companion Hi-Res noise canceling headphones, making for a hassle-free out-of-box experience. With Sony’s new lineup of color coordinated Hi-Res audio products, superior sound never looked so stylish.

Additionally, Sony is introducing the NW-ZX100HN Walkman®, the latest in its ZX series that represents the ultimate in the pursuit of sound quality. The NW-ZX100HN features Hi-Res digital noise canceling capabilities and will also be sold together with companion Hi-Res noise canceling headphones. This Walkman® boasts continuous Hi-Res playback of up to 45 hours, and has become even more portable than its predecessors.

Sony is also unveiling a number of other new offerings as it expands its range of Hi-Res audio products. Among these is the CAS-1 audio system, whose compactness belies its power and resonance when used with either speakers or headphones. The audio system produces incredibly full sound and achieves a vivid sense of presence, even when placed in confined spaces such as on a desktop. The new RSX-GS9 car audio player and other products round out Sony’s superior Hi-Res offerings showcased at IFA.

Xperia™ Smartphones and Headset

Xperia Z5 (upper left) / Xperia Z5 Compact (upper right) Xperia Z5 Premium (bottom)

Sony is announcing its latest flagship smartphone, the 5.2" Xperia Z5, along with a 4.6" Xperia Z5 Compact that fits all of the functionality and features of the larger model into a compact body. Made possible through collaboration with Sony’s α™ camera engineers, both models feature innovative camera technology that leverages the strength of a 23 MP Exmor RS™ for mobile sensor and Hybrid autofocus that combines phase detection with contrast detection, realizing the fastest autofocus in a leading smartphone at a ground-breaking speed of just 0.03 seconds. With this power in hand, those precious blink-and-you-miss-it moments in life will never pass the user by.

The Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact bring incredible zoom capability, maintaining vivid, high image quality when shooting photographs or video even at 5x zoom. They also feature improved image stabilization, keeping camera shake to a minimum when capturing video – even when the phone is fixed to something like a moving bicycle. For the first time, Xperia will now incorporate a fingerprint sensor on the power button, removing the hassle of unlocking the device. Finally, Sony’s new smartphones are waterproof and dust-tight (IP65/68), boasting a simple, sleek design achieved by merging the frame with a frosted glass rear that is both striking and comfortable to hold.

In addition to these two models, Sony is also introducing the ultimate smartphone, Xperia Z5 Premium, which will feature the world’s first 4K UHD smartphone display. This model will allow users not only to capture 4K video, but also to watch it back on the Xperia Z5 Premium’s stunning 5.5" display. Additionally, this premium model is capable of outputting video directly to a 4K TV over an MHL connection, enabling users to watch recorded 4K video on a big screen with ease. It is also equipped with 4K upscaling technology that will enhance non-4K photos and videos to incredibly crisp 4K resolution.

As a companion product to these smartphones, the MDR-NC750 Hi-Res headset with noise canceling functionality will allow users to unlock the full potential of the superior audio technology integrated into Sony’s Xperia line. The three Xperia Z5 models, along with the Xperia headset, will be released in Japan and elsewhere around the globe, starting with select markets from this fall.

Digital Imaging
Sony’s latest digital imaging offerings include the previously announced RX100 IV and RX10 II, two powerful additions to Sony’s Cyber-shot™ digital still camera range that bring once professional-only features to ordinary users. Both of these feature super slow motion (up to 40x) video capture functionality (at a frame rate of 1000fps, 500fps or 250fps; and in 50p or 25p playback format), making that decisive moment easier to immortalize on film than ever before. Both models are also equipped with the Exmor RS, the world’s first 1.0 type stacked CMOS image sensor with advanced signal processing and an attached DRAM memory chip. The Exmor RS makes possible an ultra-fast Anti-Distortion Shutter with a maximum speed of 1/32000s, high resolution 4K video capture, and more.

Sony’s other previously announced camera is the α7R II, the latest in its α7 series of interchangeable lens cameras. The company’s new flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, the α7R II takes the three dimensions of resolution (42.4 effective megapixels), sensitivity (expandable up to ISO 102400), and AF response speed to new heights. This is all made possible by the Exmor R™, the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame CMOS image sensor that is featured in the α7R II. The sensor also boasts 399 focal-plane phase detection AF points – the world’s widest AF coverage on a full-frame sensor – thus enabling the camera’s incredibly responsive Fast Hybrid AF. Finally, the α7R II is equipped with built-in 5-axis image stabilization and is capable of recording 4K video on internal memory with full pixel readout (no pixel binning), making the camera a compact one that is nevertheless feature-rich for any kind of photography, from still to video.

Sony will also be showcasing its elegant range of 4K BRAVIA TVs that have been previously announced, including the 65"/55" X90C series that has turned heads as the slimmest LCD TVs in the world – measuring approximately 4.9 mm at their thinnest point (the 75" X91C series comes in at approximately 15 mm). Sony will also exhibit its S85C and S80C series (65"/55") of curved 4K LCD TVs that immerse users right in the sweet spot of their stunning visuals. Each of these series represents a giant leap forward in clarity, color, and contrast thanks to the incorporation of the 4K Processor X1™. Each series also runs on Android TV, allowing for unparalleled access to a multitude of content, intuitive operation, and unrivaled integration and cross-functionality with smartphones.

Sony is working with streaming video providers such as Amazon Video to bring customers movies and TV shows in HDR (High Dynamic Range), a premium technology which generates deeper blacks, brighter peaks, and richer color tones.

Game and Network Services
Sony Computer Entertainment’s “Project Morpheus” virtual reality (VR) system takes PlayStation®4 (PS4™) to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming. Simply by putting on the VR headset, the player becomes enveloped in a fully realized 360-degree virtual world, as if he has stepped inside the very game itself. The player’s head orientation and movement are accurately tracked, so that as the player’s head rotates, the image of the virtual world rotates naturally and intuitively in real-time. Equipped with a 5.7" 1920 x RGB x 1080 resolution OLED display and the ability to render images at 120fps, Project Morpheus produces amazingly smooth visuals and achieves a sense of presence that pushes the boundaries of play. It is slated for release in the first half of 2016.

Life Space UX
Furthermore, Sony will exhibit products from its Life Space UX line that animates and creates entirely new ways of interfacing with physical spaces. The 10cm cubic Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector throws a 20" to 50" image, despite its compact size, and can be set up anywhere, such as on a table or against a wall. And the Symphonic Light Speaker is a light-illuminating speaker that fills every corner of the room with crystal clear sound. Both products feature newly revamped designs and are slated for release next spring.

The Life Space UX line – with these new products along with the already available 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector and LED Bulb Speaker – aims to fundamentally change the way users interact with their living spaces. It grants users greater freedom in the ways they choose to use their surrounding environments, thereby proposing rich new modes of living through more meaningful, truly interactive spaces.

Seed Acceleration Program
Sony's Seed Acceleration Program is an internal start-up incubation system that seeks to fast-track and launch promising new business ideas that go beyond existing organizational boundaries. This program has spawned such startup projects as theMESHsmart DIY kit, “FES Watch,” “Qrio Smart Lock,” “HUIS REMOTE CONTROLLER,” and “wena wrist.” These products will be exhibited together for the very first time at IFA 2015.

*All product names listed here are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Corporation and its affiliate companies.

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