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If you have been following us on The Tech Revolutionist, we should have come across a review on the new Nakamichi NMKT120. That set of earphones blew our minds away with its affordable price tag and superior audio quality. Even though there are some small areas of audio profile which did not suit me, it is still one of the best earphones in the market at this price range. Today, we will be plugged with the NMMR200-LGD, another new model of earphones from Nakamichi that arrived together with the NMKT120, and test out if this unit is worth the additional $20 as compared to the NMKT120. 


On the first look of the Nakamichi NMMR200-LGD, users will most probably agree that this unit appears to be a more premium product than the NMKT120. It has a refined material design comprising of plastic, metal and rubber on the earbuds, which brings out the sophisticated essence from this set of earphones. The NMMR200-LGD stands out just based on its design aspects.

Similar to the NMKT120, the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD has also a built in microphone on the left side of the earphone. There is even a built in button that is beautifully encased within the microphone unit, allowing easy picking up of calls. This feature of the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD is said to be compatible with Android, iOS and BlackBerry devices. Of course, we believe that it will also work with Windows Phone devices.

Instead of the usual straight plug, the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD features a L-shape 3.5 mm audio plug. Also, the use of flat audio cables also gives the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD its great tangle free characteristics, while placing it in the premium product category.

Nakamichi has also included a small carrying pouch and S and L sized earbuds within the package. With all the goodness in terms of design and additional items found in the package, we are excited to finally play some high quality audio on this set of earphone and test it out. Audio quality will be discussed next.

Audio Characteristics

 In terms of specifications, the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD has a 10mm dynamic neodynium driver as opposed the a 9mm driver in the NMKT120. The Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD is thus rated to perform better than the latter.  
  • Heart Thumping Bass - Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD was able to produce bass that was taut and gives you the feels. Nakamichi really did a great job on the bass aspect of the this earphones. While bass was a bit overdone on the NMKT120, NMMR200-LGD played it out well. This also means that the lows were a lot more distinct and did not reach the stage of being muffled. Drums never sounded so good in any earphones before!
  • Mixed Clarity - We were probably disappointed with the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD when it comes to clarity of the audio that we played. The focus on the bass aspect of the audio profile seems to have had some side effects on the overall audio quality of the earphone. The highs and mids were not as distinct as they can be, and only certain specific range of highs did manage to sound clear.
  • Well handled highs - Despite not sounding as clear as it should, the highs sounded generally fine. The Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD did not face the issue of the highs and treble going too high, resulting in crackles and distortion. 


It was a really difficult decision to make to choose between the two mentioned earphones. The Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD was better built with a higher end physical features, such as the use of flat cables, and has a much more acceptable and trendy design that the NMKT120. However, The focus on bass seems to have brought down the dynamism of the audio profile, making the mids and highs seemingly unattractive. 

We thought that for a more balanced audio profile the NKMT120 could be a better choice. If you are someone who loves bass and wants everything to just focus on the bass aspect of the audio, the NMMR200-LGD would be better. 

I will personally recommend the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD to anyone who loves techno or metal. It will bring out the life within the songs. It would also be suitable for those who loves to bring music to their daily runs, as the tangle free wires will be of less of a hassle as before. 

If you are someone who prefers a balanced audio profile, you may not want to spend an additional $20 on the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD. The extra cost of $20 can be justified for the price tag of the Nakamachi NMMR200-LGD, as it is of a higher built quality and features. If those features are of unimportance, the NMKT120 should be a better choice.

Disclaimer : We would like to emphasize that audio quality differs from listeners and these opinions do not represent anyone or any organization, but rather the experience from a single reviewer. To get a better understanding of how these earphone sounds, it is best to test them out yourself. 

Pricing and Availability

The Nakamichi NMMR200 Dual Driver earphones retails for SRP $69.00 inclusive GST and comes in 2 colours – Deep Coffee and Iron Grey. All earphones are available at all Sprint-Cass, Big Box and Challenger stores.

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