Sansan Announces OpenAPI for Holistic Cloud Contact Management and Integration

Sansan Announces OpenAPI for Holistic Cloud Contact Management and Integration

SINGAPORE, 23 November 2015 – Sansan Global Pte. Ltd ., the #1 business card and contact management service provider in Japan with presence in Singapore, Asia, today announced the availability of an open application programming interface (API) for Sansan’s contact management platform that allows businesses to easily integrate their business card data onto their existing CRM tools and other services for a complete enterprise solution.

Sansan’s OpenAPI allows users to connect the data garnered from Sansan’s platform into other business InfoCom Technology services, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and business improvement platforms.

‘Sansan’s OpenAPI is a huge step towards making business cards a complete part of business infrastructure, which is Sansan’s current mission in 2015,’ said Chika Terada, CEO/Founder at Sansan. ‘By allowing valuable data to be transferred seamlessly and effortlessly onto the cloud, contact management and sharing will become much more efficient and proactive, which is important in the dynamic and interconnected business culture of Singapore. With OpenAPI, Sansan’s customers and partners have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the fully extensible platform, its robust contact management and sharing capabilities together with unmatched scalability to complement and extend their own enterprise solutions.’

More than a dozen partners have already integrated with Sansan, including Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Twilio and Zoho.

“The high level of integrity and real time data that Sansan’s service offers will be a great merit to Microsoft Dynamics’ CRM online’s users,” said Atsushi Iwashita, General Manager, Dynamics Business Group. “With Dynamics CRM Online and Sansan’s integration, the most up to date business card data can be smoothly input and reflected in our CRM system, allowing users to use only the most recent data and avoid mistakes with out of date information.”

The new OpenAPI is based on Sansan’s unique technology, which rapidly and accurately transcribes business cards and uploads them into a cloud-based contact management platform. This enables companies to use the data in business cards for their individual needs and efficiently manage their contacts to spur further growth. The new OpenAPI is completely free to take advantage of, which allows developers and other services to leverage Sansan’s scanning, transcription and shared cloud storage of business cards. Sansan’s new OpenAPI ver1.0 enables users to use these features:

To get business card information by date
To get business card information by criteria of condition
To get detailed personal information linked with business card information
To get tag information linked with business card information

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