Imagination achieves crowdfunding target for Creator Ci40 dev kit, introduces new stretch goals

Imagination Technologies is excited to announce that its Creator Ci40 IoT development kit has now been fully funded on Kickstarter, with two weeks left to go.

The dev kit has been specifically designed for smart home, Internet of Things and other connected devices (drones, robots, etc.) – but it also has the hardware requirements (802.11ac 2x2 Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, SD and USB storage) needed to be used as a high-speed wireless router. The Creator Ci40 board can support multiple Linux distributions (Debian, OpenWrt) but also Brillo, the new Android-based operating system from Google for IoT.

To celebrate this achievement, Imagination is introducing three additional funding goals which offer makers, developers and hobbyists additional benefits for backing the project.

If the first stretch goal of £30,000 is reached, Imagination will add three extra project examples on GitHub. These projects extend the functionality of the Creator Ci40 dev kit to cover advanced cloud functionality and real-world 6LoWPAN examples. One of the examples includes a motion-triggered, DIY smart thermostat that sends temperature readings to the cloud.

6LoWPAN is a low-power wireless protocol optimized for IoT transactions that offers up to 10x lower power consumption compared to 802.11n Wi-Fi or other traditional wireless protocols.

You can find the full description for each code example here.

For the second stretch goal of £35,000, Imagination will add a free case with every Ci40 board or kit purchased from Kickstarter.

Finally, for £50,000 Imagination plans to add over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities for the software running on the board. Developers would be able to upgrade the operating system and applications running on the kit with a touch of a button - in a similar way to how they'd upgrade their Android or iOS devices.

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