Hitachi Asia Ltd. Launches Job Management Partner 1 Version 11, an Integrated Systems Management Suite that Supports IT System Operations

PINPOINT Public Relations - Jan 12, 2016 15:00 SGT
Singapore - Hitachi Asia Ltd. today announced the launch of Job Management Partner 1 Version 11 (JP1 V11), an integrated systems management suite that enables enterprises to adapt quickly to rapid changes in the business environment. JP1 V11 is a high-performance suite that seeks to help enterprises enhance operational efficiency, optimize resources and provide robust protection from both internal and external security threats.
Mr. Sebastian Sin, Head of Division, System Management Solution at Hitachi Asia Ltd. said: “The evolution of technology has transformed the way we work. Enterprises need a solution that will help them facilitate the integration between IT and management to be able to adapt to fast-changing business environments. JP1 Version 11 suite automates the entire IT operations at an enterprise level, enabling data virtualization to enhance management performance. The suite complies with defined business models and policies and able to assist in business growth management. It can cope with system changes and can alert and detect signs of failure in complex systems; creating a non-stop, reliable business environment.”
Product enhancements in JP1 V11 suite
Additional enhancements include JP1/AutomaticJobManagementSystem3 (JP1/AJS3),whichautomatesmission-criticaloperations and JP1/IT Desktop Management 2 (JP1/ITDM2), which manages asset information to enhance controls based on security policies, laws and rules. JP1/AJS3 connects systems via secure transmissions. It creates a user-friendly and easy-to-build environment through development and operational sites, such as Amazon Web Services. To enhance flexibility in thecloud, JP1/AJS3simplifies job executionsonvirtualservers, which can be automatically added or deleted by using the Auto Scaling function through AmazonWeb Services. Furthermore, JP1/AJS3 reduces parameters for easy setup and implementation. This functionality is popular with enterprises because it is easily performed and supports varied operations including jobexecutioncombinedwithweb-basedapplications. With the new added functions, JP1/ITDM2 is able to support UNIX and Linux devices in the same manner as existing Windows devices, and allow users to perform management at multiple sites.
New products in JP1 V11 suite
New products such as JP1/ Operations Analytics (JP1/OA), JP1/ Service Portal for OpenStack (JP1/SP for OpenStack) and JP1/Navigation Platform (JP1/NP) are added to the JP1 Version 11 suite, which is only available in Japan until further notice. JP1/OA enables enterprises to investigate and analyze the failures that occur in an IT system that has been consolidated via virtual environments or cloud services. JP1/SP for OpenStack is a self-service portal that enables users to execute operations through private cloud services built in Open Stack. JP1/NP helps enterprises visualize and share operational procedures and expertise. It provides accurate and appropriate guidance to operators during complex procedures.
Hitachi JP1 Version 11 is available from Hitachi Asia Ltd., and authorized value-added resellers from January 29, 2016
First launched in Japan in 1994, Hitachi JP1 is the front-runner of innovative systems management technology. The JP1 Version 11 benefits from the 20 years of expertise Hitachi has honed in developing the smartest and easiest solutions to create seamless, operator-friendly, systems management.
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