Tech News: Keyport Releases the Slide 3.0, the Swiss Army Knife of Keychains

Keyport, the company that reinvented the conventional keychain with the revolutionary Slide, announced the release of two new modular, everyday multi-use tools, including the next-generation Keyport Slide 3.0 and the entry-level Keyport Pivot. Both multi-use tools — integrate keys, pocket tools and smart tech into one functional unit — will be available for purchase

The next-generation Keyport Slide 3.0, which is the company’s premium product, offers one-handed access in a compact design in either 4-port and 6-port configurations. Its modular design is compatible with current and future smart tech add-ons (locator, charger, universal remote, etc.). It is constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and hardened spring steel components. The Slide 3.0 features a unique lost & found program and a 2-year limited warranty. All existing Keyport Slide blades from previous editions will be compatible with the Slide 3.0. The Slide 3.0 measures only 2.90” x 0.61” x 0.24” (7.37 cm x 1.55 cm x 0.62 cm) and weighs a miniscule 0.32 ounces (9 grams). When it is released to the public in Q2 2016, the retail price is expected to be $29 to $49 depending upon the feature set.

The Keyport Pivot, the company’s entry-level product, is compatible with a customer’s existing standard keys — unlike the Slide 2.0 and 3.0, which require custom blades. The Pivot is constructed of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel components. It is also compatible with current and future smart tech add-ons (locator, charger, universal remote, etc.). The Pivot holds up to 8 keys or more with an extension kit and offers a low-profile lanyard attachment. It’s easy to assemble and designed so the screw and spring washer keep everything set to the perfect tightness. When it is released to the public in Q2 2016, the retail price is expected to be $20 to $25 depending upon feature set.

Keyport will also develop three new add-on modules that integrate with the Slide 3.0 and the Pivot: a low energy Bluetooth locator (which works with TrackR to locate a lost Keyport or smartphone), a pocket knife designed by Klecker Knives and a 12-lumen flashlight.

To combat the biggest worry associated with keys … losing them … Keyport has developed a Bluetooth low energy locator module that works with TrackR. Using the TrackR mobile app, customers can locate their Keyport using their smartphone or alternatively find their smartphone by clicking on a button on the locator. Keyport also has developed KeyportID, an online lost and found service that uses the unique serial number engraved on each Keyport to connect owners and finders online directly and anonymously with a click.

“Between our BLE Locator that works with TrackR and our new KeyportID Lost & Found program, we want to ensure that our customers spend more time using their Keyport than looking for it,” said Keyport President David Cooper.

Keyport decision-makers carefully listened to customer feedback and suggestions for the latest modifications and enhancements. The company now believes it has created an everyday carry platform for the modern lifestyle that thoughtfully integrates the most essential personal items that would otherwise be attached to a bulky keychain or stuffed uncomfortably into a pocket or purse.

Keyport’s crowd-funding campaign, located at, targeted $100,000 for the tooling, production and testing of the Keyport Slide 3.0, the Keyport Pivot and three new add-ons. The company attained its goal in only 3 days, which gives the green light for the production of the Slide 3.0 and Pivot and availability to the general public via online retail.

Keyport successfully raised more than $153,000 on Kickstarter in 2014 for the development of the Slide 2.0. For more information, visit

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