Introduction to Telegram - What are Bots? How can we download Movies with Telegram Bots?

Telegram is a instant messaging platform boasts multiple innovative features that are lacking in competition. With flexibility built into the platform, Telegram allows developers to create Bots to serve their own needs. With a little programming skills, you will be able to develop and create your own Telegram bot in no time.

Today, we will showcase one of the most interesting and highlighted bots available in the Telegram platform - MuviBot. This article will show you how to download movies with a MuviBot that is served right through your smartphone/device.

Step 1: Initiate a chat with @MuviBot

Step 2: Click Start 

Step 3: Enter the movie you want to search. 
There 3 ways you can search
1. (full imdb url)
2. tt2888046 (id of the movie)
3. name of the movie

Step 4: Click [Download Now] and then Open
If the movie exists in their database, you will see a [Download Now] response. Click on it. 

Step 5: You will be brought back to the same page, Click Start again

Step 6: Your movie is ready for download!

Step 7: Enjoy!

As you can see, Bots can provide unlimited possibilities to Telegram instant messaging platform. In the upcoming articles, we will show you how you can create a simple bot. Stay tuned!

This is only for educational purpose, no copyright infringement intended, if you like the movie, please support and purchase it.

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