How Safe is Your Mobile Phone? Selection of UX focused Mobile Apps by NordVPN Offers Ultimate Protection

How Safe is Your Mobile Phone? Selection of UX focused Mobile Apps by NordVPN Offers Ultimate Protection

NordVPN launches user-friendly mobile apps to protect users from data snooping, hacking and theft

March 29, 2016. People rely on their mobile phones for not only for social interactions these days, but also for banking, data sharing, storing passwords and other sensitive information. As such, they are vulnerable to security breaches, as well as personal hacking attacks, especially when using public WI-FI on their phones.

In 2015, Vodafone, the multinational telecommunications company, was targeted by hackers who stole the personal and bank details of almost 2,000 Vodafone customers in a targeted cyber attack. Last year also British T-Mobile announced that 15 million of its users had their data stolen from Experian, the company¹s data collection provider. The data includes names, addresses, birthdates, encrypted social security numbers, drivers license IDs and passport ID numbers. T-Mobile and Experian admitted that hackers had broken through encryption.                       

NordVPN, a Virtual Private Network provider, believes that current situation leaves mobile phone users more vulnerable than ever before, without them knowing it. Mobile companies seem to be more interested in selling their customer data to advertisers or NSA than protecting it; they are also not doing enough to make sure their devices are completely safe from security breaches.

NordVPN offers a simple solution that any user can apply to their mobile devices: a VPN app (available for Windows, iOS devices and Android phones), which provides secure encryption and very user-friendly design and functionality. A VPN Service encrypts all the traffic flow between the Internet and a user¹s device. Further, a VPN hides user¹s real IP address, thus granting an additional benefit of unblocking the net. This facilitates accessing all geographically blocked Internet content (i.e. access to Facebook when traveling to Vietnam or U.S. Netflix from Europe).

When shopping, banking, or sharing personal information online, users are advised to be aware of unique threats mobile device users face and to always use a VPN.

NordVPN encrypts all online data when the user is connected to the internet. As an important additional security feature, NordVPN does not keep any customer logs.

³Privacy issues have taken another shape completely in 2016,² says Marty P. Kamden, CMO of NordVPN. ³VPNs will be increasingly popular in 2016 as security issues grow to monumental proportions.²

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