Kinguin is growing, and so are its social media!

Kinguin is growing, and so are its social media!, world-leading online marketplace for buying games and in-game items such as CS:GO skins, proudly presents the newest addition to their social media family - Snapchat! From now on, you can follow Kinguin’s Snapchat @KinguinOfficial or add them by scanning provided QR code.

Kinguin is very involved in social media. They already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In total, they reach over 1 million people through their channels. Now, growing even bigger with Snapchat, they aim to gather even bigger community.

“Opening a Snapchat account is thrilling. It is something completely new to us and we are looking forward to seeing what Snapchat has in store for us.” said Paweł Radzimski, Kinguin’s Global PR Manager. “Snapchat gathers very significant number of people, a lot of which are our Customers from all around the world. Sharing with them special moments such as our internal life in the company, backstage outtakes from events or photos from tournaments opens up a whole lot of possibilities for us to communicate with our Community. Upcoming DreamHack Masters in Malmö will be a great opportunity to start!”

With this new addition to Kinguin’s online community, one can only wonder what’s next. prides itself in being innovative and always exploring new ways to better interact with their Customers. This shows that they really adapt and want to be closer with their community.

Add them on Snapchat, and see for yourself, what will they come up with. Go to Snapchat and look for @KinguinOfficial. You can also scan their unique QR code.

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