Armaggeddon launches the Molotov-5 mobile gaming headset

Armaggeddon launches the Molotov-5 mobile gaming headset 

Lightweight, compact and durable, at a very attractive price of S$39.90 

Singapore, May 20, 2016 -- Homegrown gaming gear brand Armaggeddon has launched the Molotov-5 collapsible gaming headset at the very attractive price of USD29.90/S$39.90/RM99.90. The Molotov-5 comes in three striking colours; Alpine Allies (Blue), Scarlet Soviets (Red) and Armaggeddon (Yellow), and is lightweight and compact, making it practical for indoor and outdoor use for both PC and mobile gaming.

“This headset is the result of Team Armaggeddon’s determination to create a mobile gaming headset that is durable, portable and yet produces powerful audio,” said Ms Wanda Hu, Head of Division, Armaggeddon. “We are confident that gamers will enjoy the experience of using this headset, especially when they are on-the-go.”

With the 40mm drivers tuned to their full potential, Armaggeddon promises to deliver full-range audio capable of rivalling headsets with larger drivers at a fraction of the size and weight.

The Molotov-5 features braided cables for maximum durability. The permanently attached cables ensure that the Molotov-5 cables can be wound and unwound around the headset without damaging the inner wires, making it easy to take care of and minimising possible damage. This is unlike headsets which use detachable cords, which increase the potential of damaging the headphone and headphone jack as the gamer frequently detaches and reattaches the cable.

Armaggeddon’s full range of mobile gaming audio prioritizes creating functional and flexible audio devices which allow for gamers to use them on-the-go and at home. A simple splitter cable is provided so that all their single-jack headsets are compatible with PCs and laptops, ensuring that gamers get maximum mileage out of their purchase.

The Armaggeddon Molotov-5 is available in Singapore and Malaysia from the following retailers: 

Singapore Challenger Outlets Island-wide (Official Retail Launch Partner for Armaggeddon Molotov 5), LAZADA.SG (Official Online E-tail Launch Partner)

Malaysia All Popular Bookstores, ALL IT HYPERMARKET SDN BHD, Signature HL Enterprise, SRI COMPUTERS SDN BHD (LOW YAT), VIEWNET COMPUTER SYSTEM SDN BHD Online: LAZADA and 11 Street

Armaggeddon offers a range of gaming equipment including Mice, Speakers, Headsets, Mousemats, Keyboards, Bags, PC-cases (with and without cooling systems) and Power Supplies. For full details, visit

Armaggeddon mobile gaming audio accessories for all your gaming needs
Clear and balanced in-ear earphones with excellent passive noise cancellation for loud environments.

Bass-heavy in-ear earphones with durable aluminium form factor that shuts out most sounds during game-play.


Amongst the mobile peripherals that Armaggeddon has, the Molotov-1 is slightly more angled towards PC/home-use but can also function as a mobile headset. Slightly larger than the other headsets, it has a foldable microphone which can be hidden within the headset if worn out-of-home.

The sleekest and most eye-catching of the Molotov series of mobile gaming headsets. The Molotov-3 focuses on a light and compact form factor which makes it easy on the neck and shoulders for long hours of comfort both at home and outdoors.

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