ASRock teases upcoming X99 Taichi motherboard

ASRock will be launching their new series of X99 Taichi Motherboard at COMPUTEX 2016. This new series is aside from ASRock's 4 main series, probably targeting the high end overclocking and enthusiast end users.

It is known that the new Intel Broadwell-E processors will be launched at COMPUTEX 2016. Many manufacturers have already released BIOS updates to their current LGA2011 motherboards to support the new processors that are due to launch. However, understanding that innovation simply does not stop there, and in order to drive sales, ASUS and Gigabyte decided to release a new series of X99 motherboards, hoping that end-users who are purchasing the new processor will also get these newer and improved boards at the same time. ASRock follow suit, and released their new X99 Taichi series. These motherboards will be released at COMPUTEX 2016. The team at The Tech Revolutionist will also be there to provide first hand information on these new motherboards.

In the lastest sneak preview video on the X99 Taichi, we cannot really see most of the details of the motherboard. We understand that most of the important components of the motherboard will be protected by some sort of shield, possibly signifying military grade reliability and performance.

ASRock's motherboard usually has great cost to performance ratio. They also design and manufacture a variety of motherboard for specific end users. For exmaple, the recent Z170M OCF motherboard is specifically designed for the memory overclockers. 

ASRock has got 4 main series of motherboard, namely OCF series, Fata1lty series, Extreme series and WS series. Taichi will be an new motherboard in addition to these series. We can only wait until COMPUTEX 2016 to unravel the mystery of the ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard.

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