Avermedia Launches Aegis Gaming Microphone Your Voice, Your Key to Victory

Avermedia Launches Aegis Gaming Microphone
Your Voice, Your Key to Victory

Singapore (8th May 2016) - AVerMedia the premier designer and manufacturer of multimedia products has introduced the Aegis Gaming Microphone aimed at the dedicated gaming community.
The new Aegis Gaming microphone combines sound suppression technology for crisp clear voice chat function, an intuitive control to centralize audio volume adjusting and a small form design to minimize the footprint on the gaming space. 

Sound Suppression Technology
The Aegis delivers a key component to victory in the gaming theater, communication. Team oriented players can now enjoy crystal clear voice communication. The Aegis Gaming Microphone uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology to suppress background speaker sounds and highlight only the gamer’s voice. For any team player, victory is a matter of performance, coordination and rapid reaction, the Aegis is your communication tool.

Intuitive Volume Control
At the heart of the Aegis Gaming Microphone is an intuitive design. The no-look volume knob is centered and specifically placed at your fingertips so your eyes never lose sight of your next conquest. Control all audio volume from a single location and dispose of the need for complicated menus or pop-up screens. Mute functions are just as easy. By incorporating a kinetic muting lever design, the Aegis allows you to tap the mute function on and off in a single fluid motion. Simple sculpted functionality to keep you focused, that’s Aegis.

Designed Exclusively for Gaming
The best weapons serve a single clear cut purpose. Simple, yet, incomparably powerful in the right hands. The Aegis Gaming Microphone is sleek and incredibly sturdy, yet, designed for the gaming theater. The small footprint keeps desktops free from excessive cabling and obtrusive, bulky hardware, creating space and keeping you centered on the gaming experience. Combined with the minimalist volume and muting controls, the Aegis can be placed in the center of all the action without a claiming ownership to your corner of the world. A premier solution is not complete without crystal clear, voice reproduction; the Aegis delivers with its high sensitivity Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology. Given the number of features offered by the Aegis Gaming microphone, it should be easy to see that the only thing missing is an epic experience, which you must provide.

Aegis GM310
Selling Price (SGD)
1 Year limited
8th May 2016

Technical Information

USB 2.0
Power Requirement
USB bus-power
High Sensitivity Unidirectional Condenser Microphone x 2
Audio Technology
AVerMedia Exclusive Algorithmic Audio Technology
Sample Rate
48,000 Hz
Frequency Response
50~20,000 Hz
69 db [1KHz/Pa]
Bit Depth
16 bits
Max Level
110 db SPL
Mic Sensitivity
-37 db
DSP Switch, Volume Control Knob, Kinetic Mute Button
Dimension (W x H x D mm)
103.2 x 103 x 39.2 mm
130 g
Operation System
Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 764/32 bit
Bundle Software
Aegis Voice Engine

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