Canon IRISPowerscan strengthens businesses’ document processing capabilities

Canon IRISPowerscan strengthens businesses’ document processing capabilities
New automated solution scans, classifies and indexes useful business information swiftly and accurately,
eliminating costly errors  

SINGAPORE, 26 May 2016 – Canon, today announced the launch of IRISPowerscan, a solution that complements Canon’s suite of business solutions covering print and document management. With Canon’s new document capture solution, Canon’s solutions are able to support businesses’ entire document lifecycle and aid them in their push for greater automation. The new IRISPowerscan’s ability to automate administration-intensive parts of the business is very much in line with Singapore’s Future Economy initiative. 

With the IRISPowerscan, companies are able to scan, classify and index documents efficiently in parts of the business where speed and accuracy in document processing are critical to the business process and bottom line. This automation process reduces the time taken for processing, and can help minimise human errors when it comes to processing large amount of documents.

“In the future economy, there will be a far greater use of technology across industries. Areas such as administration will greatly benefit from Canon IRISPowerscan, as it minimises the time taken to do manual processing and enables employees to focus on value-creating tasks that can help their company reach greater heights,” said Vincent Low, Director and General Manager, Canon Singapore. 

Intelligent auto categorisation
The days where employees have to go through piles of paper to recognise and sort through different types of documents are long gone. IRISPowerscan includes the IRISFingerprint technology, which learns the appearance of the documents at hand and performs identification of the documents without the need for conventional methods like barcodes or labels. Now, businesses can quickly sort multiple documents according to layout and move them into the respective digital folders for further processing.

Accurate indexing
Once documents have been identified and sorted, the IRISPowerscan uses a reliable and swift Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that covers 137 languages to use pre-defined information in the document as indexes for files. OCR technology is able to spool the data in the document, and rename the file accordingly. For example, once it has been specified that an invoice has a series of numbers that should make up part of the file’s name, IRISPowerscan is able to look for this data, capture it and rename the file accordingly.

Hypercompression of up to 50x to optimise bandwidth
With Canon’s proprietary IRIS hypercompression (iHQC) technology, users can be assured of high image clarity as IRISPowerscan is equipped with powerful image adjustment tools to help users adjust, brighten, straighten and crop images to their satisfaction. The IRIS iHQC technology maintains the quality of captured images and is able to hyper-compress documents up to 50X, optimising bandwidth and storage space utilisation on the server.

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