Chrome overtakes IE as the Desktop Browser with the largest Market Share

As Windows is the most used consumer operating system in the world, its preinstalled Internet Explorer, has always been the most used desktop based internet browser in the world. However, it seems that Google Chrome has finally surpassed Internet Explorer as the most widely used desktop internet browser in April 2016. These data are provided by NetMarketShare, who tracks the market share of internet browsers in the world.

According to the data from NetMarketShare, it can be seen that even though Internet Explorer has held majority of the desktop browser market share since history, there has been a steady decrease in its ownership. In June 2015, Internet Explorer owned 54% of the market, far from Chrome's 27%. However, almost a year has passed and Internet Explorer's market share has dropped to 41.33%, while Chrome increased to 41.71%, finally overtaking Internet Explorer as the most used Internet Browser.

Other browsers remained fairly stagnant in terms of market share. Firefox, Safari and Opera owns 10.06%, 4.47% and 2.01% of the market share respectively.
A possible explanation for the drop in Internet Explorer's market share is due to the change from Internet Explorer to Edge as the main browser in Windows Operating Systems. However, according to NetMarketShare, they have already included Edge's 4.39% of market share within Internet Explorer's. It seems that Microsoft has to continue to work hard to earn consumer's trust in their browsers. Their recent announcement to include plugins to Edge is possibly one of their strategy in the market share race.

Source : NetMarketShare

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