Fresh from the factory : Cherry MX-Board 6.0 with Blue Switches released

Recently, Cherry launched their latest MX-Board 6.0 series. The initial version was only available in MX Red switches. After getting feedback from the initial customers suggesting more alternative key switch options should be available on the MX-Board 6.0, Cherry has decided to release a newer version with their MX Blue switches. Out of all the other mechanical switches available on the market, the Cherry MX Blue switches are supposed to be the ones which give users the most "mechanical feel".

The Cherry MX Blue is the most "clicky" switch that is available from the range of switches from Cherry. It is the default choice for many typists, as the tactile feedback give users a great satisfaction in typing. An audible click can be heard on every single key-press. It is also known to be noisiest switch out of all the alternatives.

Other than the inclusion of Cherry MX Blue keys, the MX-Board 6.0 is also equipped with Realkey technology. This technology changes the way key signals are read by processing every key-press with an analog linking between the controller and every single key switch. With Realkey technology, the keyboard's response rate can be decreased to 1ms. Traditional keyboard's response rate requires minimally 20ms. The newest firmware on the MX-Board 6.0 has even brought the delay down to 0.5ms. This technology guarantees full n-key rollover and 100% anti-ghosting features.

The Cherry MX-Board 6.0 Blue switch edition is already available for sale at about 270SGD.

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