G2A.COM Supports Developers in Russia

G2A.COM Supports Developers in Russia

 RZESZÓW, Poland, LONDON and HONG KONG, May 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --
G2A Launches "Best Games From Russia 2016"
G2A.COM is a multiple award winning company that is the world's fastest growing global digital gaming marketplace. G2A supports all global developers and is now focusing on the CIS region by organizing for sellers and buyers, a global sale of the best digital games in Russia. G2A launched a campaign: 'Best Games from Russia' focused exclusively on CIS countries. G2A together with very well-known developers from Russia, such as: Gaijin Entertainment, Bitbox and Nival want to show to the whole world that their amazing games are being developed in Russia.

The G2A marketplace ecosystem developed at a cost of $28 million is enabled for this first ever campaign which will take place from 16th - 22nd of May 2016 and which includes different types of games from survival, point-and-click and Arcade, to Real Time Strategy (RTS) and Collectible Card Game (CCG).
Some titles to be found in the G2A inspired campaign are: War Thunder, Star Control, CCG Survarium, Life is Feudal and Blizkreig 3 will be in discounted prices of up to 83%. The games are available in: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish. Several of them will have exclusive offers!
Co-founder and CMO of G2A.COM, Dawid Rozek said: "G2A wants to assist all Russian developers to promote their games on the global market and reach new users. We see a lot smart people there and the games will have discounted prices! "
Head of Global Public Relations at G2A, Jacqueline Purcell said: 'G2A has an open door for co-operation with developers. G2A welcome developers and publishers who want to join the G2A marketplace and because of that and many other great strategies G2A.COM recently won the Global Excellence Award for OutstandingFast Growth Business in 2016".http://www.gbeawards.com/ Jacqueline encourages Russian publishers to apply now!

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