Review of GP PowerBank Mobile Charger : It's all about Safety and Reliability


There has been an increased in the number of incidents involving mobile power banks reported. Due to poor safety and reliability design of the products or wrong manufacturing processes, power banks can be a ticking time bomb itself. There have even been cases of power banks exploding, causing injury to users.

To provide users with a piece of mind, GP has released a number of power banks that promises the best possible safety and reliability features. Today, we have the GP PowerBank 500mAh Mobile Charger for review.

Safety Features

The GP PowerBank is made with user's safety as its utmost concern. GP has designed the internal circuitry of the power bank to automatically cut off current flow during the recharging process when temperatures go beyond a certain threshold. This ensures that the battery is not overheated which can possibly indirectly cause the battery to explode. This feature allows the deterrence of the negative effects of rogued/low quality chargers.

Moreover, the power bank also complies with UN38.3 air transport safety standard, promising that the battery is manufactured to be safely transported via cargo.

Reliability Features

Like most advanced devices, the GP PowerBank has built in short circuit and over-current protection. Such feature prevents any damage to the internal circuit of the power bank due to faulty external device or cables. The GP PowerBank is made to last.

Additionally, GP PowerBank has integrated Loopback Protection. Essentially, if user accidentally plugs the output of the power bank directly to its input, causing an infinite current loop that could have disastrous effects, the Loopback Protection feature will detect such behavior and automatically cut off the charging process.

As the number of charging and discharging cycles increases on the battery, the maximum capacity of charge the battery can hold also decreases. This effect is worsened by a few factors, including temperature, overcharging and discharging and overloading of the battery. To ensure that the battery life is prolonged, GP has targeted these factors and provided Under Temperature Protection, Over-Charging and Over-Discharging Protection, as well as Battery Overloading Protection.


The uniquely thin designed GP PowerBank Mobile Charger is compatible with iOS and Android smartphone. Additionally it should also support most, if not all devices that supports USB charging thanks to its power modulation feature. It supports up to 2.1A of output charging current.


In conclusion, the GP PowerBank is a high quality product that does not compromise safety. Its reliability features ensures that the it will be one of the longest lasting power bank in the market (in terms of product lifetime, MTBF), and is definitely a product that makes good investment sense. We would like to recommend the GP PowerBank for any users who are looking for a power bank that is highly reliable.

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