Will the Microsoft Surface Book 2 be launched in June with an upgraded 4K display?

At Microsoft's launch event last October, the new Surface Book was launched. Its unique hinge design stole the limelight and became the headline at major tech publications. There have been rumours that Microsoft will be refreshing their Surface Book lineup, and will be releasing the new Surface Book 2 in June.

The Surface Book 2 is speculated to have a 13.5" display with 4K (3820 x 2160) touch display. The first generation Surface Book also has a 13.5" display, but utilized a more uncommon and non-standard 3000 x 2000 resolution display.

It is said that Microsoft will also be the first manufacturer to include the new 7th Generation Intel Kaby Lake processor on their device. The Surface Book 2 could be upgraded with this new processor. Kaby Lake is the successor to the Skylake CPU architecture. As there were some manufacturing issues with the 10nm Cannonlake processor which release date has been expected to be pushed back to next year, Kaby Lake will be the product that fits right in the transition phase.

As seen from the expected specifications, it seems that Surface Book 2 is a device worth anticipating. It is the main focus of all 2-in-1 productivity devices. Let's hope that the price of this device remains friendly for mainstream adoption.

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