The Tech Revolutionist @ COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016

The world's second largest consumer electronics and ICT tradeshow opened in Taipei, Taiwan (ROC) on the 31st May 2016. The theme this year focuses on 4 main topics, mainly Internet of Things, Innovation and Startups, Business Process Improvements and Gaming. The tradeshow showcases the latest products and technology from various brands that are distributed throughout the world, and gives an insight to what to expect in the industry in the future.

The Tech Revolutionist team was at the Pre-Press Conference held at Taiwan International Convention Centre, to understand what to expect at the show this year. Understanding that the Internet of Things is the current industry focus, one of COMPUTEX 2016's theme is all about Internet of Things. Named SMARTEX, companies from both Taiwan and the rest of the world will showcase their IoT solutions at this tradeshow. IoT has seen in generous growth in revenue and will be an area that is of many interests to buyers as it spans across multiple industries. For example, in Singapore, our plans to build a Smart Nation can make use of IoT to track various kinds of data from different devices. At ARM's press conference, an example of IoT in use was shown. They had sensors built into a safety helmet which notifies the wearer's supervisor if a amount of force was registered by the sensors on the helmet. This ensures that immediate action can be made to react to hazards.

This year, an additional section was added to COMPUTEX. Named INNOVEX, the show focuses on startups and innovative solutions. Only businesses that are below 5 years old can showcase their solutions here, and solutions in multiple industries such as security, home, office, are expected.

The other two main themes are Business Solutions and Gaming. Corporations will showcase their latest enterprise products at the show. Some has even decided to use the event to launch their latest products. For example, Intel has launched their latest processors at COMPUTEX 2016, and motherboard manufacturers have also announced new and refreshed motherboard to support the new chip. As for Gaming, a lot of the focus this year was on Virtual Reality. There were at least 10 booths or more showcasing their own Virtual Reality technology with demos. Of course, the gaming scene also included new products such as gaming peripherals, gaming support software and gaming hardware.

As the largest technology trade show in the Asia region, COMPUTEX 2016 shapes the near future, by highlighting trends and focus areas of corporations. Start ups also gives us a glimpse into what is possibly the next big thing in the region. We are excited with what the future has for us, and look forward to COMPUTEX 2017. As the world is becoming a "Smarter" place with intelligent systems, we hope to see the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Business Support Systems from around the region to be showcased at next year's show.

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