cado announces the launch of high end Air Purifiers for the Singapore market

At the different times of the year, Singapore will be bugged by air quality problems due to various reasons. Additionally, in the recent years, haze has affected the lifestyle of Singaporeans quite significantly, and there were even times when air quality have been indicated to reach an "unhealthy" range.

An air purifier can do the job of cleaning the air in a closed environment, ensuring that the air breathed in is free from irritants and small particulates. cado, a Japanese based company that produces air purifiers, has just launched their latest models in Singapore. These air purifiers will be available in major electronic retail stores. For a start, there will be 3 different air purifier models that will be brought into the local market to meet the different needs of end consumers.

All these models are equipped with unique cado's technology which ensures the best possible air purifying performance. Moreover, with self-cleaning technology, these cado air purifiers maintains itself, cleaning away irritants that are filtered by the machine. This is done by their own "Photoclea" technology which reduces particulates by decomposition and other chemical reactions.


Out of the three models available, the AP-C100 is the smallest in size, and should fit very well in the living room. With its unique cylindrical design that is equipped with a premium metallic body frame, this air purifier differentiates itself from competitor's products. It is no wonder that it also won the Red Dot Design award this year. It takes in air from the top of the unit and sends in air to its high performance filter. Cleaned air is then pushed out from the bottom. The AP-C100 is suited for small rooms, as its area of influence is rated at 18m


The AP-C300 continues to live on the design legacy of cado. It is furnished with a full metallic body and is equipped with even higher performing air filtration system. It is able to clean a large volume of air over a short period of time. The AP-C300 is suitable for living rooms as it rated to cover 45m. This should be a great choice for end users who are looking for great performance and the best bang for the buck.


Last but not least, the AP-C700 is cado's flagship air purifier. It is rated to be the world's best performing air purifier that effectively cleans out air within the shortest period of time. This flagship not only cleans the air, but it also shows the current air quality (PM2.5) of the intake air with a small display it has on the top of the unit. This air purifier well designed as a consumer product, but has industrial specifications. It is able to clean up air of a floor space of 100m2. If you are someone who is extremely sensitive to irritants or allergens in the air, the high performing AP-C700 could be the air purifier that you have been looking for all these while.

The cado Air Purifiers are distributed by MassMark International Singapore. They can be purchased directly on their website.

For more information on these products, visit   cado will also be releasing the MP-C20U and AP-C200 models in Singapore in the near future, meeting the different requirements and needs of users across the board.

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