Emarsys Rolls Out First Of Its Kind Ad Solutions In Southeast Asia To Help Brands Connect With Existing Customers

Emarsys Rolls Out First Of Its Kind Ad Solutions In Southeast Asia To Help Brands Connect With Existing Customers
·        Intelligence-driven capabilities map purchasing and behaviour data to ad campaigns in real-time; syncs to customers on key advertising channels including Google search, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram
·        Benefits to customers include receiving relevant information on products and services, cutting down on spam
·        Benefits to businesses include improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand-engagement, as well as higher returns from each customer 
·        Taps into high-levels of customer loyalty in Southeast Asia

SINGAPORE – June 24, 2016 – Emarsys, the leading provider of digital marketing software for B2C companies, today announced the launch of Emarsys CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Ads, available to its clients globally, as well as in key Southeast Asian markets of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  This feature of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud enables marketers to align their CRM, purchase, and cross-channel (e.g. mobile, Web, email) behavioural data to improve their advertising campaigns. For the first time, marketers can respond to what customers want by targeting them with personalised ads across key advertising channels in real time.

By using Emarsys CRM Ads, the benefit to end-customers includes highly targeted promotions around products and services directly from brands they shop with. It offers consumers access to advertisements and promotions in a highly-targeted manner, cutting out on spam advertisements. Meanwhile, the benefit to brands and marketers includes improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, engagement and higher returns from each customer.
To create a powerful experience that increases customer acquisition and retention, Emarsys CRM Ads:

·        Goes beyond cookie-based marketing, creating an aligned brand experience across all advertising channels and devices;
·        Optimises bids on Google search by adjusting the text ads and keywords in the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud;
·        Reaches customers on Google search, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram; and
·        Unleashes your CRM database to engage and target contacts and consumers who have not purchased in a long time.

Between 2015 and 2025, Southeast Asia will be the fastest growing Internet region in the world with 3.8 million users going online per month. The number of social media users in the region is also one of the highest worldwide at 234 million (We Are Social). Marketers are responding to the burgeoning growth in online users and high numbers of social media users by increasing digital ad spend. Online advertising in Southeast Asia is forecast to have a 17 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to hit US$10 billion by 2025 (Google).
Benjamin Glynn, Managing Director of Emarsys Southeast Asia said: “As marketers increase ad spends on digital channels to drive sales, they need to consider reaching existing customers, keeping them engaged with their brand. Emarsys’ CRM Ads helps them achieve this win-win scenario between brands and existing customers by mapping purchase data and other social channels with our proprietary AI technology. They can effectively re-engage customers across various channels including Google, Facebook and other network profiles – all within one platform, one dashboard, accessible at their fingertips. What this does is improve loyalty and customer satisfaction, resulting in better returns on investment, in many instances much more than new customer acquisition.”

Emarsys CRM Ads taps into the high-levels of customer loyalty in Southeast Asia where, according to Nielsen, 80 percent of shoppers are likely to re-visit stores with incentives. Meanwhile, nine in 10 Singaporeans admit to biting loyalty schemes of retailers.

With Emarsys CRM Ads and the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, marketers can develop more sophisticated targeting strategies by creating customer journeys based on real-time, data-driven decisions. Brands that use Emarsys and CRM targeting can ensure consistency across integrated campaigns by leveraging audience automation to create, find, and reach audiences at scale. Ultimately, Emarsys is enabling a deeper and more personalised experience for brands, retailers, and e-commerce sites to further increase customer retention.
For more information on how businesses can utilise the benefits of Emarsys CRM Ads, please visit http://www.emarsys.com/en-sg/products/ads/.

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