Foxconn and Intel Collaborate on Technologies for 5G Networks

Foxconn and Intel Collaborate on Technologies for 5G Networks

Taipei, June 1, 2016 – At Computex Taipei 2016, Foxconn Technology Group and Intel Corporation today announced the signing of a MOU to collaborate on the development of network infrastructure technologies that will modernize today’s communications networks and build the foundation for 5G.

The companies will work together on proof of concepts and pilot programs for technologies like Mobile Edge Computing, Cloud Radio Access Network and Network Functions Virtualization that will enable more intelligent, efficient and flexible networks. Intel will cooperate with Foxconn’s Advanced Communication Academy (FACA) for technology development, and will also implement various tests and verifications in the network environment of Asia Pacific Telecom, a subsidiary of Foxconn. Using reference architectures and leading technology from Intel, Foxconn will develop hardware solutions for end user devices, wireless access and core network equipment, as an extension of their existing hardware solutions for communications solutions providers. These solutions are intended to help the industry more quickly re-architect communications networks for the increasing volume and complexity of data traffic.

Diane Bryant and Fang-Ming Lu, corporate executive vice president of Foxconn, announce an agreement to accelerate 5G transformation. At Computex 2016, Intel showcases how boundaries of computing are expanding as billions of smart and connected devices deliver new experiences, data-rich services and breakthrough insights. Computex is May 31 to June 4, 2016, in Taipei, Taiwan. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The cooperation covers user equipment (UE) required by the 5G environment as well as the infrastructure for telecom network virtualization:

  • Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN): Intel will provide proofs of concept and technology reference infrastructure for mini-CRAN hardware platform and remote radio head (RRH) technology development at Foxconn. CRAN enables a more cost-effective infrastructure and provides scalable capacity in dense urban environment by centralizing the RAN function in the cloud.
  • Pilot verification of Cloud Radio Access Network (CRAN).
  • Mobile Edge Controller (MEC): Intel will provide technology support in Network Edge Virtualization (NEV) SDK and Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) to develop MEC system solutions together with Foxconn. With MEC, intelligence is extended to the edge of the network to allow for ultra-low latency, high bandwidth and real-time access to information from the radio network.
  • Network Functions Virtualization: The Intel® Open Network Platform will be used as a verification reference for network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) to lay a solid foundation for the future 5G network environment.
  • 5G testing with Asia Pacific Telecom: The aforementioned technologies will be tested on an end-to-end platform provided by Asia Pacific Telecom to verify how effectively their components and constructs work in a 5G network environment.

The collaboration marks a new milestone for both companies on the development of 5G network infrastructure innovation and integration. Coupling Foxconn’s world-leading manufacturing capabilities with Intel’s leading compute and communications technologies, the companies aim to expedite the transformation of communications networks to lay the foundation for 5G.

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