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With the launch of Zenbo, ASUS aims to bring on board developers to create different innovative applications on the robot.

Zenbo is a cute little robot that is equipped with most human senses. It is able to see with an attached camera, hear with the built-in microphones, speak with the speakers and even have its own thought process with its built-in AI technology.

As Zenbo will not be very affordable for most casual developers, it will be difficult to attract developers to develop on the new smart companion. ASUS will have to start seeding these robots to the developers before any actual development can take place. Without an emulator or any other kind of support available, developers may not want to jump on board to the platform in the first place. ASUS should have a local development evangelist in every country to liaise with every developer developing on the platform, so as to ensure that they gain some form of support locally.

Since the Zenbo is still at it's early stage of its development, no other news are available at this point of time. We are also unsure how ASUS plans to open up their source codes for the development of Zenbo. Seemingly, ASUS Zenbo runs on Android OS and it could be possible that ASUS will release a Zenbo SDK based on top of the Android SDK. We also believe that an additional Zenbo App market will be made available in the future for 3rd Party Zenbo application distribution.

If you are interested in developing on the Zenbo Smart Companion, you can sign up as a Zenbo developer at If the local Zenbo developer community is significant, we can possibly open up a discussion board/forum and work together on Zenbo.

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