ViewQwest launches first night boost broadband plan in Singapore

ViewQwest launches first night boost broadband plan in Singapore
Option to boost regular 350Mbps speed to 500Mbps during peak usage hours every night from 7pm – 7am

SINGAPORE, 1 June 2016 – ViewQwest today launched its new $29.90 350Mbps fibre broadband plan at PC Show 2016, the first plan in Singapore that gives subscribers the option to boost a line’s regular speed during high usage hours at night. From 7pm to 7am, the regular 350Mbps speed will be increased to 500Mbps to allow for higher home Internet consumption.
ViewQwest is the first Internet service provider in Singapore to offer a nightly boost in Internet speed as an add-on service to a broadband plan. The plan makes greater financial sense for customers who use the Internet at home more in the evening compared to the morning and afternoon. As the night speed-booster is an extra service on top of the basic plan, it can be added or removed according to the needs of the home.
All subscribers to ViewQwest’s new $29.90 350Mbps plan can get to experience the night-boost service at an extra $5.35 per month or simply stick to the basic 350Mbps plan. The basic $29.90/month plan includes a modem rental worth $267.50, three months of Freedom VPN worth $32.10 and the delivery of the modem and router worth $50.
With this 350Mbps plan, ViewQwest now offers a full range of Internet speeds to cater to consumers with different Internet consumption needs, ranging from a high 10Gbps to the comparatively lower 350Mbps.
Vignesa Moorthy, chief executive officer of ViewQwest said: “We came up with this 350Mbps plan because many potential customers wanted to try out the benefits of our Fibernet service yet did not need speeds as high as 1Gbps. But we also provide the option to boost the speed at night, as we foresee that it is a time when most members of the family are at home and would be using the Internet.”
Besides the night speed-booster option, other services that can be added to the basic $29.90 plan are a top up of $5.35 per month for either the latest ASUS RT-AC1200G+ Router worth $209 or the ViewQwest 4K Media Player worth $299.

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