BlackBerry will continue to focus on producing highly secure smartphones. New Android based BlackBerry smartphones coming soon

Two weeks ago, Ralph Pini, COO and GM for Devices at BlackBerry shared his personal thoughts on the discontinuation of BlackBerry Classic devices, stating that "Sometimes it can be very tough to let go. For BlackBerry, and more importantly for our customers, the hardest part in letting go is accepting that change makes way for new and better experiences". The blog post painted a picture of Ralph Pini's reluctance on the announcement of the last of the BlackBerry classic styled candybar QWERTY keyboard design.

However, the post was misinterpreted by many. Many thought that BlackBerry was going to let go of their smartphone business, and solely focus on enterprise and security solutions. In the latest blog post, Marty Beard, COO at BlackBerry reassured that that is not going to happen. He explained that BlackBerry always wanted to leverage on their core strength in security elements to create services and devices. BB10 Operating System was the first mobile OS that is built with such robust security systems, placing security as a priority. However, adapting to change, they saw a need to bridge the connectivity gap, and they decided to seize the opportunities that Android had offered.

He said that "We wanted to merge the best of BlackBerry with Android – the notion of a new merged BlackBerry platform meant we would provide the security and connectivity BlackBerry is known for, with the content available in the Android ecosystem – all in one environment."

Marty Beard also mentioned that BlackBerry will continue making new highly secure and uniquely designed Android devices. He also hinted that in the very near future, there will be new Android based BlackBerry devices in the market.

He concluded, stating that "At BlackBerry, we’re not looking to fit into the industry standard mold. That’s because mobility has evolved beyond just smartphones and tablets. Besides our burgeoning enterprise software business, the new Mobility Solutions division has defined a strategy enabling us to agilely pursue opportunities in this new security-focused era."

It is reassuring to hear that BlackBerry have plans ahead with new devices for the consumer market. Will they regain their popularity of yesteryear with their new devices? We are sure looking forward to the next generation of new BlackBerry Android devices.

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