Ransomware is making a comeback, illustrated in numbers

Ransomware is not a new name to cybersecurity companies or businesses that have survived the malware wave 20 years ago, but hearing it again recently definitely puts some experts in shock. Not only has ransomware achieved a revival, it has come back stronger.

Today, a piece of ransomware not only locks a victim’s computer or mobile phone, but also encrypts the data it’s stolen. This makes sure that even the victim is able to remove the ransomware, his/her data remain illegible without acquiring the decryption key.

In the short span of five months (from January to May), Trend Micro has blocked 66 million ransomware attacks globally, 10 million in APAC. In addition, we’ve discovered at least 50 more types of ransomware that were never seen before.

The infographics appended below illustrates the damage ransomware has caused since its renaissance this year. If you’re interested to know more, kindly get in touch with us. Our spokesperson can speak on below topics relevant to ransomware:
1.       Why is ransomware rising again? How do they attack?
2.       Are APAC companies well-prepared to counter ransomware threats?
3.       How can companies and individuals identity a ransomware before it gets to their computer/smartphone?
4.       What to do if they’re already victimised by ransomware?

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