Review of the AverMedia Ballista Trinity Gaming Speakers


There is quite a limited choice of speakers for gamers to choose from in the market. Rather than specific gaming products for gamers like gaming mouse, keyboard, headphones or monitor, speakers are usually neglected. This leads to the adoption of generic entertainment speaker and audio solutions that may not bring out the best of the best gaming experience. AverMedia aims to put an end to this trend with their new AverMedia Ballista Trinity 2.1 Gaming Speakers that are specifically tuned for games.


It is all about the games. The AverMedia Ballista Trinity speakers tries to appeal to gamers with its "bombastic" design. Some may find such bold design rather over the board, but it could attract certain gamers who has an interest in such design concept.The speaker system could really complement well with a custom desktop computer that is based on a red and black colour theme. Of course, the design should not undermine the technical capabilities of the AverMedia Ballista Trinity, as this speaker system is designed to perform.

Technical Specifications

Armed with a 48W 6.5" full rnge subwooder and a set of 14.5W dual-channel three-way satellite speakers, the AverMedia Ballista Trinity has got what it takes to produce the best possible sound effects for gamers so real that no one could ever imagine. The AverMedia Ballista Trinity promises that effects will sound a lot more immersive than usual entertainment speakers, providing an additional edge to gamers. AverMedia has a product page for the AverMedia Ballista Trinity that showcases the differences that the product can make to competitors. You can visit the site at Gunshots, footsteps, orientation sounds, fighting sounds and explosions will so surreal that gamers would definitely feel the differences instantly on the new set of speakers.

The AverMedia Ballista Trinity also features the Assassins mode function. It is a hardware feature that tweaks the sound input going into the speaker system and produces a certain effect that could be enjoyed by end-users. This mode allows great clarity in bass and treble even at lower volumes. Usually, such immersive sound effects can only be possible when speakers are set to a high volume, but the AverMedia Ballista Trinity tries to do the impossible by amplifying the effects even at low volumes.

Control Box and I/O

We found that the control box is extremely convenient for quick access to features and functions of the AverMedia Ballista Trinity. With the dedicated knobs for the bass and treble, the speakers can be customized to the various audio profiles of different users. Moreover, there are also audio jacks at the front of the audio control box, allowing easy connecting of other devices to the speakers. Specifically, there are an earphone jack, a mic-in jack and a line-in jack. The AverMedia Ballista Trinity also supports multiple audio inputs, making sure that the product is compatible with any other product that uses it. It has L-R component inputs, a 3.5mm AUX in jack, as well as a mic out jack that forwards the mic-in signal from the front of the control unit to the PC.

Our Experience with the AverMedia Ballista Trinity

We felt that the AverMedia Ballista Trinity did not fail the expectations of gamers. There were no complains regarding the audio quality of the product, as it successfully reproduced sounds that were immersive for proper game play. The Assassins Mode feature also value adds to the product in terms of innovation, but could have been better explained and marketed to bring out its various usage scenarios. We also appreciated that AverMedia has equipped the speaker system with only small LED lights, so that it will not be too glaring at night. 

There were certain areas which could have been done better. AverMedia could have toned down the aesthetic design of the speaker system to make it suit a more general audience. The design of the speaker system was a tad bit too much for average users to accept. Additionally, we appreciated the fact that multiple inputs can be plugged into the speakers at the same time, but it would be much better if they could operate at the same time. This will definitely be a great selling point for the product. Lastly, we would like to recommend a form of protection for the speaker unit. Understanding that gamers are not the gentlest of all human species, a mesh in front of the speaker would prevent any accidental puncture to the drivers. 


In conclusion, the AverMedia Ballista Trinity excels at where it all matters as a gaming speakers. It is the perfect choice for gamers who are looking for a great gaming experience. We would also recommend the AverMedia Ballista Trinity for any other audio listeners, as it truly brings out the clarity of songs and movies with its focus on bass and treble. 

The AverMedia Ballista Trinity Gaming Speaker System is available for purchase at PCThemes and Fuwell at Sim Lim Square at a suggested retail pricing of SGD 139. 

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