Review of MiLi iData Pro flash drive for iOS devices

Stucked with an iPhone with 16GB of internal storage and can't get more? Want to store a lot more photos, videos and other data files on your iPhone, but falling short of storage? The MiLi iData Pro smart flash drive is here to save the day!

Compatibility with iOS Devices

The MiLi iData Pro is a mini portable flash drive for your iOS devices. This flash drive connects directly to your iDevices that runs on iOS 8 and above and instantaneously expands the device's storage capabilities. Data transfer is done quickly via the lightning interface with the aid of the MiLi iData Pro mobile application that is available on the Apple App Store. This portable flash drive also makes transfer of data between iDevices extremely quickly and easily. Data can also be encrypted with the iData Pro app and only be accessible with authentication of the Touch ID.

Compatibility with Android Devices

The MiLi iData Pro is also available to Android devices. With the included USB 3.0 cable and USB OTG adapter, the MiLi iData Pro can be connected to any Android smartphones as well. The iData Pro mobile application is readily available on the Android Play Store for managing of all the files stored on the flash drive. This product gives an added convenience for users who wishes to transfer files between Android and iOS devices.


In conclusion, the MiLi iData Pro suits the lifestyles of many iDevice users well. It is a great solution for backing up of data from smartphones, so that more storage space can be free on the smartphone for other applications and data.

Weighing only a few grams and having a small footprint, the MiLi iData Pro is extremely portable. It is designed with a stylish and premium metallic finish and comes in either Silver, Gold or Rose Gold. The MiLi iData Pro is available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB variants.

The MiLi iData Pro retails from SGD 89 (32GB) to SGD 299 (256GB) and can be purchased at Challenger Stores (15 selected outlets), Changi Airport T1 E1 Electronics, Changi Airport T1 H1 E-Gadget, Changi Airport T2 E2 Cameras-Electronics-Computers, Changi Airport T3 E3 Cameras-Electronics-Computers, Changi Airport T3 M3 Cameras-Electronics-Computers, Home n Office (2 selected outlets), MILLION TECH PTE LTD at Sim Lim Square, MOBILE CITY PTE LTD at Sim Lim Square) and SE IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD at International Plaza.

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