#SelfieOrSelfish? OPPO continues its selfie campaign with social experiment

This generation of millennials have long been defined by social media, and the taking  and sharing of selfies have played a huge part in this. Last year at the Oscars, American talkshow host broke the internet by taking one of the most memorable selfies to date, but yet the selfie is often seen as an act of narcissism and selfishness. Is the negative connotation attached to taking selfies really justified?

Last week, OPPO Electronics Singapore conducted a social media experiment when Korean hearth throbs, B.A.P, came down to Singapore for their tour. Popular among the local youths who follow the K-Pop scene, OPPO took to the streets to find out more about the mindset of the selfie-obsessed youth of today. Titled '#SelfieOrSelfish?', the social experiment put friendships to the test by offering young fans the chance to upgrade their ticket seats and a chance to get up close and personal with their favourite stars by abandoning their friends, or to instead snap a selfie with their friends.

The result? Some stomach-splitting and heart-warming moments. Just watch out for that last guy though...

You can watch the video on YouTube here!

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