Ampiri Announces Major Updates to Maximize Mobile App Revenue

Ampiri Announces Major Updates to Maximize Mobile App Revenue

Ad mediation platform helps app developers regain full control over native ad monetization, leveraging Glispa’s optimization capabilities, user data and audience insights

SINGAPORE, Aug 23, 2016 — Ampiri  the native ad mediation platform from Glispa, designed to grant mobile app developers and publishers full control and transparency over their entire mobile app inventory announces SDK v3.2, an improved new dashboard and audience insights.

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Highlights of Ampiri (also in our video)
       Single SDK connecting apps to major Ad-Networks and DSPs
       Both self-serve and managed service over inventory
       Seamless mediation between ad networks and programmatic demand (DSP),
       Optimized monetization selects the best buyer on each adrequest in every one of over 190 countries
       Range of ad formats including native, banners, interstitials, rewarded and non-rewarded video, and high-impact, immersive video ads for user acquisition and monetization.
The new SDK v3.2 offers:
       Android Platform - Android launchers have no Activity dependency on native ads, which allows developers to load ads without Activity, using only Context.
       iOS Platform - Enhances the user experience by enabling non-app ads from an application to display without opening a separate browser view.
       Both platforms - Seamlessly supports the latest Facebook native ads, such as the carousel and video, in addition to standard native ads.
       Both platforms - Preloading of native ads in the location control (in-feed), improving user experience and functionality.

App developers are invited to download the latest SDKs to ensure full integration and compatibility.

The user interface has some additional features including:
       Immediate Support - the ability to quickly seek support where inquiries will go straight to the Ampiri service desk
       Transparent Waterfall View - developers have a clear view of their waterfall and the opportunity to utilize audience insights which clearly explain the waterfall optimization and visualize how your revenue and fill rates and impressions are being allocated across the different ad networks.
        Select between countries or ad networks for visualization
        Simple filtering of performance metrics and ad placements for any time period
        eCPM and fill rates are shown for easy comparison
        Minimalistic color coding to visually display different ad networks

According to Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer at glispa, “We’ve been listening to the developer communities for a long time. The Ampiri SDK update and advanced user interface are all focused on meeting their high-level needs for the greatest possible transparency and control. We’re focused on constantly innovating to assure that SDK integration is seamless and to quickly get developers to a point where they are driving ad revenue.”

Ampiri enables advanced monetization while keeping publishers’ eCPM goals in focus at all times. Ampiri blends the major demand sources into a single campaign selection algorithm, which optimizes in real time, as the platform automatically chooses the best performing campaign out of direct demand, cross-promotion, ad-networks and DSPs. App developers can make fully informed decisions using detailed visualizations that show which networks are performing better at any given time. The level of transparency and control in Ampiri goes far beyond what is currently offered in the market.

About Ampiri and Glispa Global Group
Ampiri comes from Glispa Global Group, which has been focused on native monetization and the supply-side of the mobile business for the past few years. Native monetization has constituted over 50% of the Glispa business and the company has been working with some of the world’s largest publishers.

Glispa Global Group is a mobile marketing ad tech company empowering clients to activate global audiences and move markets. Providing a full suite of technology-based services, Glispa partners with global advertisers, app developers and publishers, enabling them to reach their user acquisition and monetization goals.

Headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Beijing, Bangalore, San Francisco, Tel Aviv and São Paulo, glispa employs a multinational team representing 45 nationalities speaking 32 languages.

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