ASUS RGB lighting AURA Software now synchronizes with both Motherboards and Graphics Cards

ASUS AURA is a software that comes with any of ASUS DIY products with customizable LED lighting. Previously, the software was only able to control individual computer hardware such as LED lighting on motherboard and additional RGB LED within the PC case connected to the motherboard. With the new synchronization capabilities, various hardware components' RGB lighting control can be controlled via a single AURA software interface.

AURA expands two core functionalities :

  1. For simple lighting effects, the lighting can be synchronized to change to the same color between the motherboard and graphics card. These simple lighting effects include static, strobing, breathing, color cycle and music modes.
  2.  For dynamic lighting effects, an integrated and well designed RGB lighting design can flow seamlessly across both the ASUS motherboard and graphics card. This allows the motherboard and graphics card to react differently with predetermined effects. Such effects include Coment, flash, and dash. 
  • X99 refreshed motherboard
    • Rampage V Edition 10
    • Strix X99 Gaming
    • X99 Deluxe II
    • etc
  • Latest Generation ROG STRIX Graphics Card from AMD and NVIDIA
    • GTX 1080 STRIX
    • GTX 1070 STRIX
    • R480 STRIX
    • etc
Please download the latest AURA software from the respective motherboard pages. (Not from the graphics card's page) Also, do make sure that the motherboard is running on the latest BIOS. 

Upcoming support
It is said that in the near future, ROG peripherals will also support the AURA synchronization features. ASUS calls this RGB cohesion between various components as the "AURA Orchestra". 

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