CA Technologies Enhances Industry’s Most Comprehensive Privileged Access Management Portfolio, Reducing Risk of Data Breaches at Both Network and Server

CA Technologies Enhances Industry’s Most Comprehensive Privileged Access Management Portfolio, Reducing Risk of Data Breaches at Both Network and Server

Integrated Solution Provides End-to-End Control of Privileged Identities Across the Hybrid Enterprise

SINGAPORE, 17 August, 2016 – CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) has released significant enhancements to its comprehensive privileged access management portfolio, giving customers control over the privileged accounts that support a hybrid IT environment and are a frequent vector for cyberattacks.

By updating and integrating CA Privileged Access Manager (formerly Xceedium Xsuite) and CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control, CA helps reduce the risk of data breaches by extending the depth and breadth of control over privileged users end-to-end – from the gateway to the server and from the database to the cloud – all from a single management console.

“CA created the most comprehensive privileged access management portfolio when it acquired Xceedium last year,” said Vic Mankotia, vice president, Security & API Management, Asia Pacific & Japan, CA Technologies. “In any cyberattack, the primary goal is to get into a system, elevate privilege and wreak havoc. If you want to protect an organization’s most sensitive systems and information, you need to control privileged access.”

CA Privileged Access Manager allows customers to implement controls at the network gateway, managing privileged user access to systems and applications based on the identity of the individual user. CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control resides on the server and manages user activity based on resource protection, with policies that control file access and actions taken on the server. This prevents bad actors from covering their tracks and helps accelerate breach discovery.

With the enhancements, customers can consistently manage and control privileged users at both the network and the server.  When an IT administrator accesses a system, CA Privileged Access Manager automatically triggers CA’s Server Control product and to apply policies on the server resources based on the individual’s identity vs. simply the administrator account. This provides a more detailed and granular level of access control.

In addition, CA Privileged Access Manager has expanded integration with service management tools to further streamline privileged user provisioning and de-provisioning for those individuals who only require short-term privileged user access, such as temporary employees or contractors.

“CA Technologies is definitely one of the veteran players in the privilege management market. CA Technologies solutions are known for the broadest range of supported systems, including the most exotic and legacy ones, and a high degree of integration between individual products. This makes it a natural fit for most organizations, especially those with heterogeneous and heavily virtualized environments,”1said Ivan Niccolai, analyst, KuppingerCole.

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