Ultimate Gaming Visual Experience – ASUS ROG SWIFT Curved Monitor PG348Q


Even though there are multiple display technologies available in the market to improve gaming experience, there is no one monitor that truly embraces all of it. To support the gamer’s need for an immersive and lag free gaming, ASUS has decided to come out with the ROG SWIFT PG348Q Curved Gaming Monitor. The PG348Q features all the core technologies that gamers want to give them the competitive edge against opponents.

**All photos were taken when used with a AMD RX470 setup. Actual experience mentioned was done on a GTX 970 setup.

NVIDIA GSYNC and Monitor Overclocking

With NVIDIA GSYNC technology, the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q is made compatible with the latest NVIDIA graphics card to produce a lag free display response time. With GSYNC, the monitor can synchronise to the refresh rate of the graphics card, allowing extremely smooth gameplay that is free from any screen tearing or jitters. GSYNC is compatible with NVIDIA GTX 6 series graphics card onwards.

Moreover, the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q has the capabilities to increase its own refresh rate up to 100Hz. Working together with GSYNC technology, the high refresh rates are expected to make games appear even more fantastic. 

34-inch curved panel at a 21:9 aspect ratio

This 34 inch monster display appears to be smaller than what it actually is, as it is designed in a 21:9 wide aspect ratio. As display resolutions advances throughout the years, there has been a trend where gaming based monitors are seen to be adopting wider panels. It seems that 21:9 is the default aspect ratio for large gaming monitors these days, as they are known to provide a wider view and a more immersive experience to gamers. 

While gamers can focus their attention in the middle of the screen, their peripheral vision can also be fed with great vision from the far sides, allowing them to perform even better in first person games. Genuinely, wider screens do make it seem like you are actually in the game. Moreover, this huge 34 inch curved panel further adds on to the greatness of this monitor, while the slight curve on the panel enables a more realistic simulated gaming environment. In fact, gamers can actually see much more as compared to their opponents who has a standard monitor.

Thanks to NVIDIA's Simultaneous Multi-Projection technology which uses geometry based calculation to put pixels on the screen, games are just going to get more realistic. Rendered objects will simulate the actual 3D view from the perspectives of the user, and the curved monitor will be able to enjoy the benefits of such graphics computational features when it is finally available on the different games. 

Aesthetics and Design

When you first look at the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q Gaming monitor, you will instantly know that it is not your usual piece of display. This model is specifically designed to entice gamers with its eye catching aesthetics and exquisite patterns. To enhance viewing experience, the display has a almost frameless border that makes it so much more classy and sexy, but yet encompassing the ROG's strong and fierce spirits. It is the first time we are seeing a branding so prominently shown on a product. The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q projects its ROG logo right on the table. This monitor sure holds some mysterious aura on what it is exactly. For a hardcore ROG fanboy, this will probably complete his inner ROG desires. 

Narrow frames

Other than just simply aesthetics, the monitor excels in its usability as well. With its multi-purpose stand, we are able to adjust the height, tilt or swivel of the display panel. This is extra useful as the panel is considerably heavy. The stand also intuitively manages the cable that connects to the rear ports. It's probably the first time we are seeing such design on a monitor.

The monitor is also equipped with all the connectivity options that one could ever want. It has the most common HDMI and Display Port, ensuring that it is compatible with any graphics card out in the market. Additionally, the monitor even has build in speakers, just in case you wanted a simple setup without any bulky speaker units on the table.

The monitor also has a USB 3.0 hub built right into it. However, as the USB ports are rather hard to reach and possibly could be hidden by the monitor's rear cover, we found them rather pointless. Nonetheless, these additional ports should be useful for any small USB devices that do not require much portability and removal.

Our Experience

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q Gaming monitor. While gaming with a NVIDIA graphics card and utilizing the GSYNC functionality, we realised how much difference it made to invest in a good gaming monitor. As a monitor defines the actual gaming experience, it dawned on me that a quality gaming monitor is essential. Even though you can have the best graphics card in the world and attain the highest possible frame rates, it means nothing if beautiful graphics cannot be shown to your eyes the way it is meant to be. The quick response time and overclocking feature of the monitor allowed us to get a feel of what PC gaming should really be like. It seems like the keyboard and mouse became a natural extension of the human body, because response was instantaneous. Of course, the curved display also further value added to the whole experience. 

Due to the high resolution of this display, it must be understood that a decent enough graphics card is required to drive all the pixels that are going to be sent to the monitor. Therefore, before adopting such a magnificent gaming monitor, you should be sure that your graphics card can run your favourite games at such high settings and high refresh rates. This also means that such a setup should only be most recommended for extreme gamers, as good hardware do not come cheap.

To further sweeten the functionalities of the PG348Q Gaming monitor, ASUS also included a ultra-low blue light feature. This works well for gamers and professionals who will spend an extended period in front of the computer screen. Blue light is harmful to the eyes, and with lesser blue light emitting out from the monitor, the eyes are going to feel less strained. 

On a side note, we have to say that it was really easy to navigate between the settings and options of the monitor. This is because ASUS has went into the extend of including a multi directional joystick just for the navigation of the monitor's menu options.


With such a feature rich monitor, there is nothing that could go wrong. The ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q monitor suit every PC user doing any kind of computing work. However, such a premium product do not come cheap. This monitor comes at retail price of above 2000SGD.
 but despite its almost outrageous pricing, we find that it will be a good investment for any serious gamers out there. There is no other gaming focused monitor that comes close to the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG348Q.

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