V1 Group Makes Strategic Investment in China Arab TV

V1 Group Makes Strategic Investment in China Arab TV

Influence of "Internet Plus TV" Boosts "the Belt and Road" Strategy

HONG KONG, Aug 22, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - V1 Group Limited (the "Company" or "V1 Group"; Stock code: 
82.HK) and China Arab TV ("CATV") held a joint press conference regarding the strategic investment at the Beijing headquarters of V1 Group. The Chairman of V1 Group, Mr. Zhang Lijun and the Chairman of CATV, Mr. Liu Haijiang together with the management of both parties attended the press conference. The partnership marks both parties will start up the "Internet Plus TV" media convergence strategy, accelerate the cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation between China and Arab countries, and effectively promote the implementation of "the Belt and Road" strategy.

V1 Group and CATV officially signed a strategic investment agreement. V1 Group will make strategic investments in CATV and become the controlling shareholder of CATV.

The Chairman of V1 Group, Mr. Zhang Lijun (on the right) and the Chairman of CATV, Mr. Liu Haijiang (on the left) officially signed the strategic investment agreement
The Chairman of V1 Group, Mr. Zhang Lijun (on the right) and the Chairman of CATV, Mr. Liu Haijiang (on the left) officially signed the strategic investment agreement
V1 Group is the first Chinese video media enterprise listed in Hong Kong and is one of the largest new media enterprises in China which main businesses cover the Internet and mobile terminals. Currently, it has a short video and virtual reality ("VR") live stream platform, Mymedia aggregation platform, H5 games and many other businesses, while around the "Internet Plus" with extensive coverage of the Internet frontier area including Internet Plus Healthcare, Internet Plus Education, Internet Plus Sports, formed a strong new media matrix. CATV is the Chinese and Arabic bilingual television, its satellite program signals covering 25 countries in the Middle East, while cable networks connecting to the United Arab Emirates. Program contents of CATV mainly cover the major news, economic cooperation, cultural exchanges, tourism information of China and Arab countries, is an important media platform outreach "the Belt and Road".

Mr. Zhang Lijun, the Chairman of the Board of V1 Group believes that this strategic cooperation is significant and can supplement each other's advantages. "The cooperation with CATV is the important measures to implement V1 Group's media convergence strategy and promote 'the Belt and Road'. In the future, V1 Group will become China's key platform for international communication and media positions in the Middle East, strengthening information sharing and cultural exchanges between both parties, and also providing an important window for Chinese enterprises for international communication, in order to generate more economic and trade needs." Mr. Zhang Lijun said: "The cooperation realizes the complementary advantages, the traditional TV has the advantage on 'credibility', and the Internet has an advantage on 'communication capability', by effective integration of the two can build 'absolute influence' of media, and deliver more good voice for 'the Belt and Road'. Our central government also repeatedly emphasized that the key of media convergence and innovation, V1 Group hopes to keep innovating in the direction of media convergence."

Mr. Zhang Lijun, the Chairman of the Board of V1 Group said: "Strategic investment in CATV is an important measure of V1 Group's video business cluster for 'change lanes to overtake', more new media video services will be released successively, you will see a new business development of the contents collection, publication and dissemination which based on the basis of new video technology, it will be the new beginning of creating a strong profitability for V1 Group new media video business cluster!"

Mr. Liu Haijiang, the Chairman of CATV also mentioned when speaking: "CATV falls 'the Belt and Road' cooperation opportunities as well as the development opportunities held in Dubai World Expo in 2020, it will set up a media bridge to help the Chinese enterprises to explore the Middle East market, CATV's core position is to act as a window for the Chinese and the Arab peoples to know each other, and as a bridge for the Chinese enterprises and products to enter into the Middle East market". Meanwhile, Mr. Liu Haijiang said: "V1 Group presents and implements the 'Internet Plus TV' media integration program on 'Internet Plus' platform strategy. In the future, CATV with support from V1 Group's new media communication capability to achieve Internet digitalization, it will carry forward the Silk Road human spirit, and further solid the traditional friendship between China and Arab countries."

At last, Mr. Zhang Lijun and Mr. Liu Haijiang also expressed that the joint strategic cooperation between V1 Group and CATV will strive to make a positive contribution for "people-to-people bonds" between China and Arab countries, bringing more trade contacts and cultural integration for both parties and painted a strong stroke for building up "the Belt and Road".

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