Screen If You Want to Go Faster

Screen If You Want to Go Faster

All eyes will be on Sebastian Vette at this year’s Formula One (F1) Singapore Grand Prix. While some of the most ardent fan will head to Marina Bay Street Circuit to watch him attempt his winning streak and achieve his fifth victory here in Singapore, many F1 fans will also be doing so from the comforts of their homes.

Advancements in live-streaming and broadcast technologies have resulted in unprecedented interest in live sports viewing amongst Singaporeans who are no longer strangers to wee-hour campaigns. Singaporean athletes at the upcoming Rio Olympics will no doubt have their share of fans back home lending their support despite an eleven-hour time difference in much the same vein as hardcore football fans support their favourite teams vie for the ultimate trophy in the recent UEFA Euro 2016. 

Driven by sophisticated technologies, TV viewing is no longer just a communal past time. It is about the overall experience – the environment, the surround sound system, the friends you’re watching with etc. The role of the TV when it comes to viewing a sporting event has become that of a sports buddy. However, selecting a sports buddy can be an overwhelming experience. From conventional style to modern curves, from 4K to 4K HDR, we are often bombarded with an array of choices with no easy guide in sight.

Until now.

Small Space, Big Style
Having a bigger screen provides an immersive sports viewing experience akin to viewing a F1 race or a bust-up match between Manchester United and Liverpool. A larger screen not only brings emphasis but also clarity to on-ground activity like never before.

Unfortunately, space is a luxury for many of us here in Singapore. Many opt for smaller TVs to compensate for space constraints but that’s a problem the Sony X93D series was designed to take on. Focusing on big style in small spaces, the X9300D seeks to bring together harmony in your living space and create an excellent viewing experience. Clever cable management also means it complements your space even on its own, never creating any conflict.

Light It Up
It seems like we were introduced to 4K only not too long ago and now we already see 4K HDR come to the fore. Defined as 4K High Dynamic Range, the brand new technology offers a much wider range of colour, contrast and detail. The key to an enhanced viewing experience is having a greater contrast between the deepest blacks and brightest whites. Lighting is a key element in this. With technology such as Slim Backlight Drive™, tracking Lewis Hamilton go head-to-head with Sebastian Vette is a much more involved experience than you’ve ever had in your living room. Making intelligent use of the 4K Processor X1™, you can see all the action, all the time, as brightness continually adapts to on-screen action.

Of Cheers and Boos
Nothing truly shapes any sporting event more than the collective arrays of emotion from live spectators. Often these audio peaks and dips contribute to a less-than-adequate viewing experience. To ensure lesser disruptions and enjoy the rich and natural audio you desire, the obvious choice is a TV that makes your listening as lifelike as your viewing. This will ensure that your viewing party feels like they are in the thick of all the action and close to the game.

Thankfully the Sony X93D series features S-Force Front Surround that pulls you right into the heart of action. By mimicking the way your brain correlates sound sources to create the perfect volume, time lag, and sound wave spectrum, you’re guaranteed to hear only the good things in rich, high fidelity.

Sideline Action
Why stop at just watching the game? Turn your viewing party into a full-fledged entertainment night with your friends and family. Apart from coming together to cheer on your favorite team, indulge in cat videos on YouTube or a quick game of Dead Trigger 2 at half-time to relieve some of the tension from rivalry. Not into sports? A Netflix marathon would satisfy even the most difficult guests. When your TV comes loaded with such a myriad of entertainment choices like online movies, games, music, and Internet capabilities, all easily accessible via a simple to use interface, you’re bound to have friends returning for more seamless experiences.

The sporting calendar looks set to be a busy one this year with more action from the US Open and BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore happening after the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, the Rio Olympics 2016, and the English Premiere League kicking off another season.

Now with these tips, go forth and choose your sports buddy for months of action and excitement live from the comfort of your couch!

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