Zebra Technologies Leverages Cloudera for Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation

Zebra Technologies Leverages Cloudera for Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation

Asset Visibility Service utilizes open source and cloud technologies to better serve customers and drive growth

SINGAPORE – September 16, 2016 - Clouderathe global provider of the fastest, easiest, and most secure data management and analytics platform built on Apache Hadoop and the latest open source technologies, today announced that Zebra Technologiesa global leader in providing solutions and services that give enterprises real-time visibility into their operations, has implemented a Cloudera-powered enterprise data hub running in the cloud as the foundation for their Asset Visibility Platform (AVP).  Zebra offers tracking technology and solutions that provide real-time visibility into enterprise assets - including everything from physical assets and products to people - providing operational data on an item’s location as well as its condition.

Zebra recently announced Asset Visibility Service (AVS), a new IoT visibility offering enabled by Hadoop technology. Built on a Cloudera enterprise data hub, AVS collects data from mobile computers and printers offering insight into device health, utilization and availability in customer environments. 

“AVS provides insights that proactively address and prevent services issues - demonstrating Zebra’s leadership in Internet of Things (IoT) innovation,” said Tony Cecchin, vice president of Zebra’s Services portfolio.

“AVS is exactly the type of high value data solution we’ve built Cloudera Enterprise to enable,” said Charles Zedlewski, vice president, Products at Cloudera. “Cloudera Enterprise, at the foundation of Zebra’s enterprise data hub, offers a robust suite of tools to deliver on the promise that directly addresses enterprise security, governance and manageability requirements. It enables Zebra to not only bring in data from these remote assets, but also combine and correlate that with other data sources both within and outside of the organization to drive compelling business insights.”

AVS delivers at-a-glance dashboards to show utilization, performance, and availability of business-critical assets. In addition, AVS leverages advanced predictive analytics to provide recommendations so customers and partners can maximize operational performance. The platform is capable of delivering these features for millions of devices generating petabytes of data, and can be managed between different cloud providers, depending on Zebra customers’ needs

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