This Christmas, give audiophiles the gift of high-fidelity sound while they are on the move with BANG & OLUFSEN’s sophisticated, powerful and intuitive earphones, headphones and portable speakers, which are precision-engineered and stylishly designed for life on the go. The rugged beauty of Nordic Nature takes centre stage in the limited edition collection, as the award-winning designers - Cecilie Manz and Jacob Wagner - took inspiration from the shifting streams, birch trees, mineral clay, moss, rich soils, lava stone and black sand beaches found in the stark and untamed landscape of Nordic Nature.

15 September 2016, Singapore – A sleek juxtaposition of earthiness and sophistication takes centre stage in the latest collection by B&O PLAY. Escape the mundane with the powerful signature Bang & Olufsen sound, and dream away into the vast landscape of clean air and beautiful colours with B&O PLAY’s range of powerful and chic earphones, headphones and portable speakers that redefines music on the move. 

B&O PLAY’s Autumn/Winter Collection is specially designed for life on the go and inspired by the wild Nordic landscape. The exciting range combines beautiful designs, precision sound engineering for the signature sound by Bang & Olufsen and up to 24 hours of battery life that keeps the music playing long after most competitors have gone silent. 

“More than just audio products, B&O PLAY’s new range sets a new benchmark for how music should sound on the go. Our intelligent and sleek products are developed to fit into urbanites’ lifestyle and their outdoor adventures. Whether used at home or on the move, B&O PLAY’s range will empower people to escape the mundane, and take powerful sound and beautiful design anywhere they choose,” said Mr. Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Corporate VP of B&O PLAY.

Beoplay A1

Setting a new benchmark and packing a punch way above its size, Beoplay A1 is made for people who care about great sound and design - the ideal speaker to have on the go.

A sleek design juxtaposition of cool aluminium, warm polymer and soft leather straps, the Beoplay A1 is truly stunning to behold and be held in the hands. Available in two statement 
making colours, the black Beoplay A1 is inspired by the lava stone and black sand beaches of Nordic Nature, while rich mineral clay of the landscape inspired the deep red version of the portable speaker.

Truly designed for urban or exotic adventures anywhere, the ultra-portable Beoplay A1 is small enough to fit into the palm and its streamlined design, with no protruding buttons or legs, allows one to effortlessly store the speaker in the bag or slip into the pocket.

Beoplay A1’s size belies a magnificent sound performance, bringing more sound and bass anywhere it goes. In addition, with ambient True 360 sound, Beoplay A1’s sound dispersion is superb wherever it is placed, so there is no need to huddle around it to enjoy music. Beoplay A1 also has a built-in microphone for making calls, and because of the rimmed design around the base of the unit, the microphone gives uniform speech sensitivity 360 degrees around the speaker, making voice recognition easier. Also, because of the microphone, one is able to activate Apple Siri and Google Now voice commands by simply pressing a button.

Beoplay A1 can play up to 24 hours of music at normal volume levels and its smart charging system will adapt charging speed to match the capacity of the USB charger, so it will be quickly ready for the next adventure.

Representing the best marriage between performance and style, the Beoplay A1’s rounded aluminium grill is both a thing of beauty and strength. Together with the double-moulded polymer base, the grill forms a protective shell for the components within. Splash and dust resistant, it is rugged enough to take bumps and scraps, making the Beoplay A1 the perfect companion with which to escape the everyday with beautiful music and stunning colours.

The Beoplay A1 is available at the retail price of S$399.

Beoplay H5

Bang & Olufsen’s most versatile earphones to date, Beoplay H5 wireless earphones are designed to deliver the brand’s signature sound and give immersive sensory experiences that stunningly transform the everyday.

Taking a leaf from the textured soil and grass of Nordic Nature, the Beoplay H5 is clad in calming yet stylish moss green. Built for comfort and extended wear, Beoplay H5 allows the wearer to adapt the sound profile to fit his/her activities, by choosing from one of the preset profiles, such as working out, commuting or relaxing from the Beoplay App. This enables the Beoplay H5 to seamlessly deliver the best-in-class sound regardless what the wearer
is doing. In addition, the tonality can also be tweaked, using the intuitive B&O PLAY ToneTouch interface, and it is possible to customise presets on iPhone and quickly access them from the Apple Watch when one is on the move.

Developed for outdoor adventures, the Beoplay H5 is splash and dust resistant, and created to last and outlast its competitors.

The Beoplay H5 is available at the retail price of S$379.

Beoplay H7

In the adventurous spirit of the great outdoors, Beoplay H7 is inspired by the wild Nordic lands, meticulously crafted with honest and true materials. The development and craftsmanship of B&O PLAY’s over-ear headphones Beoplay H7 bring about a unique combination of premium materials, sleek aesthetics, innovative interface and optimally balanced sound to provide audiophiles with top-notch sensorial experience on the move.

Inspired by the textured soil found in Nordic Nature, the cocoa brown Beoplay H7 features soft lambskin on the ear cushions and their adoptive memory foam ensure superior touch and feel. The luxurious combination of anodised aluminium, lambskin and cowhide leather guarantees absolute style and comfort. The materials age with beauty, so the more Beoplay H7 is used, the more personality it gets.

Beoplay H7 is crafted to deliver the Bang & Olufsen signature sound - a perfectly well-balanced sound with a wide sound stage. The sound stays true to the music, no matter if the cord is used or not. Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX and AAC codecs give uncompromised wireless sound, whether listening to music or on the phone. The intuitive touch interface allows one to answer calls, change songs and adjust volume with the lightest touch.

Beoplay H7 features advanced battery technology with up to 20 hours of wireless playtime. To save energy, the smart Beoplay H7 features an intelligent battery-saving function that automatically kicks in after 15 minutes and turns its power off. Weighing only 280 grams, Beoplay H7 is built for comfort, and made to be worn all day and night.

The Beoplay H7 is available at the retail price of S$599.

Beoplay H8

Inspired by the earthy colours of rich mineral clay found in the great Nordic landscape, the deep red Beoplay H8makes a striking design statement and exudes a quiet grace all at once.

No compromises are made in the design and production of Beoplay H8. The luxurious minimalist touch of designer Jacob Wagner is evident, as carefully selected high quality lambskin-clad memory foam ear pads gently adapt to the shape of the ears for superior comfort, while sun-polished and anodised aluminium feels responsive to the touch on the sleek headphones.

Sophisticated and stylish, Beoplay H8 are premium, lightweight, Active Noice Cancelling (ANC) on-ear headphones, specially designed and tuned for music-lovers. Precision-engineered to deliver the signature Bang & Olufsen sound, Beoplay H8 allows one to control all the functionality with an intuitive touch interface. With just light taps of the fingertips, one can perform a myriad of functions, including turning on and off music; answering, rejecting or ending calls, redialling numbers, switching ANC on and off, and so much more.

With up to 14 hours of battery life, Bluetooth 4.2 with aptX codec gives an uncompromising sound, whether listening to music or having a conversation on the phone.

Weighing just 255 grams, Beoplay H8 is the lightest in its class and so comfortable that one simply does not want to take it off. Built to last and age elegantly, daily wear and tear adds patina to the headphones, making Beoplay H8 look even more beautiful and classic with time.

The Beoplay H8 is available at the retail price of S$699.

The above products are now available at Airport Duty Free, Analogue+, Apple Premium Resellers, Bang & Olufsen stores at Hyatt Hotel, Challenger, Newstead and leading independent retailers, and customers are welcome to experience the signature Bang & Olufsen sound themselves at the showrooms.

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