Calix Cloud Unleashes the Power of Data for Service Providers

Calix Cloud Unleashes the Power of Data for Service Providers
Second generation of Calix access cloud services demystifies service provider data and provides actionable insights to optimize CAPEX, grow ARPU, and deliver an unmatched subscriber experience

LAS VEGAS  October 24, 2016  Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX)the world leader in subscriber driven access, today introduced Calix Cloud, its second-generation family of subscription services for network data analytics and subscriber experience assurance.Leveraging the award-winning and category defining Compass cloud services – now supporting over 400 customers five years after its introduction, Calix Cloud applies Calix’s real-world experience in network and subscriber data analytics and transforms it into a family of subscription services that enable service providers to discover new insights, simplify processes, and elevate their businessand subscriber experience in an unprecedented manner. Each Calix Cloud subscription focuses on a specific key business function within the service provider organization. By providing insights tailored to each discipline, Calix Cloud can unleash the power of the cloud at a granular level, turning data “noise” into targeted and actionable network and subscriber insights illuminating new paths to revenue growth, business efficiency, and delivering an unmatched subscriber quality of experience for the agile service provider oftomorrow.
Calix introduced five subscriptions within the Calix Cloud family today at the 2016 Calix User Group Conference in Las Vegas:
  • Subscriber Cloud – Enables cloud enhanced self-care and new business efficiencies through the power of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • Marketing Cloud – Delivers analytics-based growth and subscriber retention as well as automates customer segmentation efforts
  • Support Cloud – Provides customer service representatives the tools to deliver intelligence-based support that drives an unmatched subscriber experience
  • Operations Cloud – Empowers network operations teams to efficiently control the subscriber experience by linking subscriber behavior and network performance
  • Planning Cloud – Gives network planners the tools to invest surgically in their networks based on subscriber behavior data
With more than 400 service providers already relying on Calix for their access cloud services, we have gained invaluable feedbackover these last five years that we continue to integrate into our innovation cycle based on the most pertinent and transformative issues facing service providers today,” said Miguel Alonso, Calix vice president of cloud services. “Service providers must unlearn the muscle memory of inefficient processes and the tedious parsing of data. By leveraging Calix Cloud to discover insights, simplify their operations, and elevate their business and their subscriber experience, service providers will benefit from unprecedented agility andgain clear competitive advantage.
Customer deployments of Calix Cloud are scheduled for first quarter, 2017.

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